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What does it consist of:

October 2018 The application AlertCops is a citizen security alert service that allows you to communicate quickly, freely and accurately with the State Security Forces and Bodies. Any citizen who is in possession of a smartphone with an Internet connection can use the app to notify a criminal act, notify the police forces of a security alert, receive notices and alerts of interest in the field of citizen security. allow type communication Chat In case you are a victim or witness of a crime with direct contact and being able to send photos and videos, to obtain an immediate response. Can be configured Localized Notices, depending on the area in which the person is located, to receive citizen security notices to be alert and collaborate with the state security forces and bodies. Finally it offers the functionality of Guardian, which facilitates the location with the rescue services or with the contact persons, in case of an emergency. 

Forms of Acquisition:

The application can be purchased free of charge through GooglePlay and the App Store. It is only necessary to register in it and confirm the registration in the service with an SMS system:


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