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Analizamos la aplicación DictaPicto

Vídeo review

  • Ejemplo de pantalla de los pictogramas
  • Pantalla de pictogramas de la familia
  • Pantalla de pictogramas de ocio

What is it about:

August 2019

DictaPicto is an application of Fundación Orange that allows you to pass a voice or written message to pictograms immediately. Designed to help people with autism or those who use pictographic systems to improve their communication, their goal is to improve access to information and facilitate understanding of the environment. The concept of the application is that Dictapict can sequence activities of daily life in a flexible way and in different scenarios facilitating the participation of the person who uses it.

The translation is done very simply from voice to text, and from there to images automatically. Each word has a pictogram / image that represents it. It is important to note that the vocabulary is based on the ARASAAC pictograms.



Forms of acquisition:

The application is free and can be purchased at the following links:

Download for IOS (from version 10 or higher):


Download for Android (as of Android 4.1 or higher):

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