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What is it about:

June 2020 Smartia is an online platform for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. It allows to evaluate, program and intervene with these people, measuring at all times the effect of the work done and providing the professionals with informed reports and intervention strategies. Smartia facilitates the evaluation performed by the therapists, does not diagnose automatically. The system measures and quantifies the child's status, records the history of evaluations that are made and offers sessions and resources for the intervention.The system offers the possibility that the environment of children with ASD, family members, therapist and educators, are coordinated in the care and needs they have, through a private social network. In addition to the opportunity to plan intervention sessions, the platform allows a large open pictogram bank to facilitate the communication of children with ASD and their environment. It is accessible from different devices: PC, Portable, Multi-touch surfaces, Tablet, Smartphone.

Forms of acquisition:

Through the website of Smartia and by contacting the email they offer on the web. The prices for its use vary according to a plan of use:

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