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What does it consist of:

2019 August
Virtea is a mobile application to help work the waiting and anticipation of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Based on Vitual Reality, with great realism it allows us to recreate common scenarios that a person with ASD may find in their usual routine, such as: going to the doctor, cutting their hair, waiting for the bus, taking a trip, etc.
This fabulous initiative is from the company Answare and it has been carried out with the advice and collaboration of ASTRADE and Specific Educational and Psychopedagogical Guidance Team for Autism and other Serious Developmental Disorders of the Region of Murcia (EOEP). The virtual tool is presented as a very powerful complement to complement traditional methods, helping to work anticipation and waiting for people with ASD.

Forms of Acquisition:

The application is marketed through Google Play and the App Store. Its price is 9,99 euros, including three different scenarios. Evolutions of the solution are anticipated in various potential scenarios for working with patients with ASD.



The contact of the company for any question is the following: (+34) 868 957 527
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