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What is it about:

March 2018


The Yepzon One is a GPS tracking system for tracking people, objects and vehicles, valid for Europe. The location device Yepzon One allows us to know the location at all times by GPS with great accuracy and through GSM triangulation. .

The Yepzon One GPS locator allows:

  • Know the exact position via GPS on demand.
  • Know when it has been set in motion and position by GSM triangulation.
  • Know when it has stopped and position by GSM triangulation
  • Request the location every certain time, configurable.
  • Have a history of all events.

All the information is transmitted to the Yepzon servers through data connection and that information can be accessed with an application available for Apple, Android and Windows devices.



Forms of acquisition:

You can buy the product in:

Own shop from the manufacturer Yepzon:

Outdoor area:



The price ranges between € 89 and € 92 depending on the provider. The Yepzon One has a data card installed inside, including 5 MB of serial data with the locator device. The client can perform data reloads according to the consumed MB, which will be made through the application installed on the mobile. The 5MB bonus is made for € 3.95 and usually lasts approximately 1 month.

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