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What is it about:

March 2019
60YMAS is a social network on the Internet for people aged 60 and over,
The network allows older people to communicate through this medium sharing their experiences, memories, opinions, concerns and opportunities together. It encourages the use of the Internet and the means of access / use of it, as well as the improvement of its digital skills.
To use the social network you just have to register with some basic user data and then with the activation of it through an email, you can start browsing the network.
The philosophy of the Social Network is standard and similar to Facebook, Twitter, there is a public space in which to share news and another more personal where you only share with "Known People". You have the possibility to upload videos, photos and events in a very simple way.
The account settings and data privacy are very well designed, thinking about the user profile. This allows them to make decisions regarding the information displayed.

Forms of acquisition:


Forms of Acquisition:
Access through the website:

If you need help, a section is offered to resolve the most common incidents and a section to contact the developer:

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