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What is it about:

February 2018

Admouse is a mouse oriented to facilitate the handling of the computer and other devices to people who have some limitation in their motor abilities. Through the inclusion of ergonomically designed and arranged buttons, it is possible to implement in the device the necessary commands to have a control similar to any conventional mouse on the market.

Through its buttons the user can activate the functions of cursor movement, click, double left click and right click of a conventional mouse and also incorporate functions of speed configuration and acoustic and luminous signals.

The product has plug & play connection being recognized instantly when connecting to a computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

Admouse was designed with low-relief buttons to avoid unintentional pulsation, it has keys of high contrast of color and are identified with intuitive images.

It is aimed at children and adults who suffer involuntary movements, tremors or paralysis of upper limbs.

In short, AdMouse aims to make it easier for people to improve the quality of their computers and mobile devices, allowing them to access any application or information with greater precision and autonomy.


Weight and measurments

  • Lenght:21cm
  • Width:11,5 cm
  • Height: 4 cm
  • Weight: 273 gramos



Forms of acquisition:

The AdMouse mouse was designed and manufactured in Argentina by the company SCA industrial, for its acquisition in Spain the PVP is 257 € with a delivery period of 1 to 3 weeks by contacting your official distributor in Spain:
Follow the link below to consult distributors in other countries Access distributors in other countries

Warranty and Support

The company offers a 1 year warranty.
You can consult the official website of the manufacturer at the following link Access the web



Technical verification:

We have tested AdMouse in the lab and in the following lines we summarize our impressions.

The product is received in a box that includes the mouse and a simple instruction manual.

The f the product seems robust and has non-slip legs for placement on some support surface.


PC operation

At a glance what stands out most from the outset is its ease of installation, it is a full plug & play device, so once connected via USB to the computer starts to work instantly without the need to install any software or hardware component additional.

We have tested this feature with Windows 10 and previous versions and we can guarantee its operation without any errors in all its functionalities during the tests.

The following image that is part of the user manual summarizes the basic functionalities for use with PC.


All keys are screen-printed with easy-to-understand pictograms to identify and remember functionalities, and there is a color-coding of the keys for functionalities that is useful for people with a certain cognitive impairment.

Selecting cursor speed

The mouse moves  across the screen at the selected speed using the speed selection key.


By pressing this key repeatedly you can increase or decrease the speed, the blue pilot shows by the speed of the flashing an estimation of the selected speed for the  cursor.


Acoustic warnings

The call key generates a periodic beep which can be very useful in the case of dependent persons who need assistance at specific times during the use of their device.

Initially, the keys with specific functionalities (all of which are not  movement) generate a beep when pressed, this could be useful for people with vision difficulties, or in the case of people with sensitivity difficulties who want to be sure That pulsations have occurred.

In our case we decided to deactivate the beep of these keys.

The beep deactivation of the special function keys is performed by pressing the speed selection key for 5 seconds.




Simple click functionality

The simple click functionality is identical to any other mouse in your left click, in this case adding the advantage of having a low relief button, clearly identified.


Right click functionality

This functionality generates the same result in the cursor as the action of right-clicking a conventional mouse button.


Pointer movement functionality

The movement of the pointer that is usually produced by moving the mouse from one side to another physically, in Admouse is implemented by 4 keys with the basic directions that can be pressed continuously or discreetly to scroll the screen.

It is important to adjust the speed by the procedure detailed above to suit each user.

After a short period of use the method of movement is comfortable and intuitive.


Double click functionality

The double click functionality implemented by the green double-circle key is very useful for people who have difficulty performing double-tapping in a very short period of time.


Funcionalidad de click prolongado o arrastre de elementos

The extended click functionality implemented by the green double concentric circle key allows you to handle elements on the screen for those who have difficulty performing more than one simultaneous action, as this frees them from the tedious action of having the left mouse button pressed in turn and move the cursor to the destination where you want to drag the item.


Working with Android on Tablet and Smartphone


The operation with Android for Smartphone and Tablet is just as intuitive as in the PC. Once connected via a micro USB OTG adapter (not included), an on-screen cursor is displayed.

By using the direction buttons in the form of arrows of AdMouse we are able to move easily by the screen being able to simulate the touch of special keys in Android as it is the one of going back that in this case corresponds to the square key on green background Of AdMouse.

Similarly the double-circle key makes the pass-through functionality on Android.

The following image presents the summary of the functionalities of each key for the use of the Android system in Smartphone and Tablet.





In summary, AdMouse is a robust, reliable and simple solution as an alternative to the conventional mouse for people with difficult with handling.

The buttons correctly implement the usual scripts in the human-machine interaction replacing those implemented by conventional mouse or touch-screen.

The user can use the device with the manual delivered without major complications.

As future improvements we recommend a version with Trackball, the inclusion of adapters for Smartphone and Tablet and a price adjustment as much as possible.

  • Design and manufacturing: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Este apartado hace referencia los aspectos físicos y detalles de la fabricación del producto tecnológico.
  • User Experience: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Este criterio está vinculado a la valoración del usuario al relacionarse con el producto técnico o aplicación.
  • Technical features: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Descripción de la calidad de las especificaciones técnicas que tiene la solución tecnológica.
  • Accessibility: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    Descripción de la calidad de las especificaciones técnicas que tiene la solución tecnológica.

Social valuation:

Ruben, our volunteer specialized in tests of products for people with difficulties of manipulation and mobility has tried the AdMouse and its valuation is the following one:

I am a regular user of a trackball mouse. I have no mobility in the fingers and it allows me to easily position myself on the screen with the ball and to configure by software the function of the buttons of the device.

I tested the AdMouse mouse as an alternative to my usual mouse during my daily activity.


                                          Foto ruben usando admouse


Both the brochure attached to the device and the web accessible from the QR code provide sufficient information for the use of the device.

The functionalities of each button are easy to identify and remember after several days.

When placing the device on the table I have had the feeling of security, remains firm and does not slip on the table.

I connected the device on a PC with Windows 10, an Imac with Sierra macOS and was already operational and on an Android phone with an OTG USB adapter that is not included in the product, I could not do it on the Ipad because it had no adapter specific. In general the process is very simple.


                                          foto ruben usando android con admouse


The device has an attractive design and is very ergonomic in use, the colors and identification of the buttons is successful. The buttons sunk on the casing have allowed me to operate them without having mobility in the fingers.

I was able to easily adjust the pointer's scroll speed and remove the sound by pressing the keys.

I have found very useful the sound or light signal when pressing the keys to inform me if I have pressed correctly. In addition to not being able to move my fingers, I have sensitivity problems and it has served me well, however, I have deactivated the acoustic warnings by pressing the speed selection key for 5 seconds in a simple way to check its use without the acoustic signal.

The mouse is considered accessible for people with manipulation difficulties to certain degrees of difficulty.

As a recommendation I would add a TrackBall as an alternative to the direction buttons.

In summary, I have found a firmer device on the table than my trackball and with a few buttons that do not fail in their functions. Overall  I´m very happy with the product.



  • Impact and utility: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    Describe en qué medida las funcionalidades del producto son útiles e impactan en la mejora de vida de la persona usuaria.
  • Usability and accessibility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Posibilidad del dispositivo para ser utilizado, entendido y aprovechado en igualdad de condiciones para cualquier persona.
  • Design and ergonomics: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    Valoración de cómo el diseño de la solución tecnológica se adapta a la persona para lograr una mayor comodidad y eficacia al utilizarlo.
  • Ease of acquisition: 3 sobre 5(3/5)
    Hace referencia a las posibilidades de acceder y adquirir una solución tecnológica por parte de la persona usuaria.

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