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Analizamos la aplicación CerQana

  • app interface
  • call interface
  • main screen
  • user app  interface
  • web interface for configuration
  • area definition tool
  • Calendar
  • sensor status
  • user device data
  • guide tool map
  • message in user app
  • system
  • pictograms

What is it about:

CerQana is an application for Smartphone and PC that simplifies the use of the phone for dependent people and offers control and emergency functionalities for family members.

The application differs depending on the user profile, on the one hand, there is the user profile "CerQana App", which sends information about your position and status of your device, and on the other the profile of family member or caregiver "CerQana Familiar "which is alerted if the user enters a danger zone or his device is not operational.

The family profile is exercised with greater functionality from the "CerQana Web"  which is an extended version of "CerQana Familiar" and is the environment where safety and danger areas must be configured, among many other functionalities.

"CerQana web" allows you to manage more than one user simultaneously, and offers complete control over user terminal functionalities, such as the applications that we want to be accessible to the user, contacts in the user's agenda and functionality for Create a calendar reminder of activities.

The user profile varies from elderly or dependent people with orientation difficulties, to young people whose parents want to be located and under parental control in the use of their terminals for security reasons.


Main functionalities

  • Position control with definition of safety and danger zones and related history.
  • Device status control
  • Personalization of calendar, contacts and application list
  • Notifications
  • Creating appointments and routines
  • Sending messages including pictograms
  • Fall detection
  • Simplification of the graphical interface
  • Guidance and route creation


Check CerQana App web site in this link


Forms of acquisition:

You can purchase the free version of the familiar App for Android or IOS by clicking on the following links:

The user application is only available in its Android version.

You can access the web site by clicking Access to web site


Warranty and Support

The CerQana staff guarantees complete support for all versions through online chat, email and telephone support during business hours.

You can contact to CerQana in this link



The free basic basic plan includes the basic functionalities among which the simplified interface, location and associated notifications stand out, although it does not allow the creation of zones of safety and danger.

The normal plan with a cost of € 5.90 per month includes the use of features such as home guidance, route creation and homes, position history limited to 1 day, and the creation of safety zones and limit danger Of 2 zones.

The Premium plan activates all the functions unlimitedly for € 9.90 per month.

In addition to these plans there is a group plan for € 9.90 per month for each registered user that allows managing groups of users with unlimited features.

Technical verification:

Orientatech testing team has analyzed the CerQana application to check its functionalities.

Our analysis begins with the installation of the user and family version apps on Samsung S6 and J5 terminals, the application is easily localizable in Google Playstore, its version is light and therefore the installation process did not involve complications.

In any case, the installation of the user app requires to be done by the familiar or caregiver in many cases as it is not intuitive for people with cognitive impairment.


“Instalation process”


In the installation process it will be necessary to accept all the permissions so that there are no problems in certain functionalities of use.

NOTE: At this point it is important to note that the user application takes device administrator permissions.

The purpose of asking for this permission is to prevent it from being easily uninstalled. You can only uninstall it when you click on the disable button from the website. Pressing this button sends an automatic message to the phone that disables that permission, closes CerQana, and deactivates it as the default launcher, returning to the usual Android state.

In any case, if you are testing the application and want to uninstall it, you need to access the menu (Lock screen and security / other security settings / device manager) and disable the application as administrator in the menu.

To start using the applications it is necessary to obtain some codes generated in the web portal after registering as users or enter the user account generated on the web, in this case we can use the trial full version of 10 days, after that period the version turns into basic features automatically at no cost.


“Obtaining the user code at the web site”


After registering in the web site we enter the code in our application and generate a user identifier that identifies our terminal from the web site.


“User Log in

The user application runs automatically once installed and displays a simple and easy-to-understand environment where complex functions of any Android screen are removed. In this launcher version, large icons give direct access to the family and emergency contacts, as well as the return to home menu, which shows the route to return to the usual address or other locations configured by the relative.


 “User App”


At the low side there is a button that allows access to the calendar that can be controlled from the web portal by the familiar, similarly, another button allows access to the menu of applications with large icons. The list of executable applications can also be configured by family members from the web portal.

The user has restricted the uninstallation of the application by the traditional methods, which prevents to lose the control on the part of the relative unless it wishes to unlink the user from the portal.

There is an emergency icon that allows an immediate call to the number identified as an emergency contact and displays its keystrokes both in the family terminal and the web portal, we tested this functionality successfully on several occasions.

The application of family use has very limited functionalities compared to the web portal, in this case the application is used only for the receipt of status messages sent by the user terminal such as: entry and exit in safe area, calls performed, etc...


"Family App”


The application allows to visualize the position of the terminal, but when we tested this functionality some errors occurred to show the map and we could not guarantee its operation, the application in turn allows to define a time zone of sound notifications, except the emergency pulsation whose audible warning can not be deactivated. * 1

The web portal is intended as a control center for the entire system, and it is where you can configure all aspects related for a correct operation.

Among the functionalities you can find the constant monitoring of the battery and network coverage, as well as the GPS position, from the portal you can also access a calendar that allows you to remember tasks to the user such as going to the doctor, going to school, etc ...



“Device status datal”


Full control over the user terminal is available through a management menu of the applications and contacts in the user's phonebook.


 “Agenda and app manage window”

There is a fall sensor activation functionality implemented in the user terminal accelerometer that triggers an emergency call in the event of a fall, this functionality has been tested without much success, the CerQana developers report that they are working to integrate precision external fall sensors.


“Sensor status data”


Task and calendar

The web site in turn allows the assignment of tasks by the family member to the user, so that it activates an alarm with a programmed time and a map of the location of the destination, this map display functionality has not been shown in any way correctly in the user application during our tests. *1


“Calendar window”


Safe and danger area managment

As the main resource, the web portal has a detailed map of the configuration of safe and dangerous areas so that an alert is received at the moment the user enters or leaves one of these areas.



“Area management window”


The accuracy of the location data has generated some erroneous messages of entry and exit of areas in indoor locations, but reaches greater accuracy once the user walks in outdoor locations.


Route creation and guidance

The application allows to select a location for a home or other point of interest and guides the user from the point where he is to the selected home or point of interest, this functionality was successfully tested, but in one of the first Tests appeared in English language, was solved for the rest of tests, and is a very useful functionality facing the user with certain cognitive impairment.



 “Routes and guidance


The messaging system is easy and intuitive on both sides, the web version, and the user application.


 “Sending messages from the web site”

The relative or caregiver can send reminder messages that include text, voice and pictograms which facilitates the correct understanding.

The messages have confirmation that they have been read by a double check in the web application.


 “Read confirmation"

In the case of the user application, the messages are played automatically when the user has active the application.

Messages can be read and heard as many times as they want by the users.


 “Messages in the App”

The ARASAAC pictograms database of the government of Aragón is already taken as a reference at the state level, in this case CerQana allows its inclusion in messages and icons for appointments in the calendar which facilitates the understanding for people with some type of deterioration or Cognitive impairment.


 “Messages with images"


 “Pictograms data base”


Simplified calls


We consider that the function of simplification of the call interface like the rest of simplification of graphical interfaces, is intuitive and it obtains its purpose.


 “Simplified calls screen”

In turn the functionality of auto answer call, which activates voice communication automatically when the user receives a call from the family member or caregiver, facilitates communication in cases of emergency in which the user is not able to activate the call.


Support service 

The chat and telephone service has answered all our doubts during the test procedure.



  • The ease of use and simplicity with a very good graphical interface, that allow the understanding to users with difficulties of understanding.
  • The system of messaging through text, voice and pictograms that allows the correct understanding even for users with great cognitive impairment.


  • The concretion and usefulness of the messages received on the activity in the terminal of the user.


  • The tool for definition of zones of safety and danger with a simple configuration.
  • Task management functionality, apps and calendar contacts that allow full control over the user's device.
  • Organized, aesthetic and complete.
  • Good customer service and resolution of doubts by telephone and chat.


Improvement points


  • It is recommended to resolve the failure in the calendar task location (the map is not currently displayed so it can not be associated with a geographic position). *1
  • The fall sensor does not work effectively.
  • Some sporadic blockages and blank screens that are solved by rebooting the terminal.
  • Lack of precision in the sample of the battery level in some occasions. *4


  • It could include a battery display menu and user terminal coverage and other features that if contemplated in the web portal.


  • Reduce or simplify the notifications menu as it sometimes annoy. *2



  • Design and manufacturing: 3 sobre 5(3/5)
    Este apartado hace referencia los aspectos físicos y detalles de la fabricación del producto tecnológico.
  • User Experience: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Este criterio está vinculado a la valoración del usuario al relacionarse con el producto técnico o aplicación.
  • Technical features: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Descripción de la calidad de las especificaciones técnicas que tiene la solución tecnológica.
  • Accessibility: 3 sobre 5(3/5)
    Es el grado en el que las personas pueden utilizar o acceder a un producto, solución tecnológica o servicio, independientemente de sus capacidades técnicas, cognitivas o físicas.

Social valuation:

Our volunteers Xavier and Ruben from Barcelona have performed user tests with CerQana and have produced a report on their use experience which we summarize in the following lines.

The initial registration and login process is simple and intuitive and did not generate any problems, the installation of the user application in Android and familiar application in IOS was carried out without incidents, although they recommend the development of a user application for Iphone terminals .

One of the most valued details is the set of functionalities that are included in the web interface, and the design that allows a clear organization, although, they suggest the possibility of accessing the camera of the user with previous authorization to have greater control in case of emergency.

The user application allows a simple use of the terminal by the user, and the familiar application despite it has fewer functionalities compared to the web version, gathers the most important details that a family member or caregiver needs to know for the user's tracking.

Notifications are perhaps the most useful and best-looking feature of this suite. 

Regarding the activation and use of the fall sensor, it was not possible to detect any fall even though it was activated in the web indicator intended for this purpose.

Accuracy when displaying the user's location is acceptable, is the accuracy typically displayed by the GPS of the mobile for other applications.

Regarding accuracy in reference to safety and danger zones, accuracy is improvable, with a greater than expected margin of error between streets considered inside or outside a safety or danger zone.

Differences have been found between the battery level displayed on the web and the actual battery level of the terminal. 

Assigning a home works perfectly; Guidance to it works well and is useful.

Creating routines and tasks is very easy. The problem is that it is difficult to access the "Done" button at the end of the dialog box: it is difficult to make the slider appear to go down. This is a problem that is generated in almost all dialog windows.

Sending messages is easy, but it confuses a little: in the user's application the message is "sung" aloud, but it does not appear written (which is a problem) and in the familiar app "CO_52" appears and "CO_54" which is certainly an error. * 6

The sending messages with images remains loading and does not send the message perhaps because the image size is very large.

Regarding the configuration options on the web, the different settings options are sometimes not easy to understand, but are well explained with information globes.

It is simple enough to remember everything at the time when using the application again and again. The use is quite intuitive.

They understand that the loss of some user privacy is justified by the help of this application due to its special characteristics of vulnerability. 

They would include a security question before entering applications, instead of entering  by default.

Regarding the  use instructions they consider the tutorial very good, is very complete. The help with the information balloons in each functionality of the administrator's web is also quite good.

Ruben and Xavier consider the system as a good way to control and monitor the movements of a vulnerable person, in addition to simplifying communication with them.


The aspects recommended to improve are:

  • The accuracy of the identification of the place where the user is, especially when entering and leaving the danger zones.
  • Improve the appearance of the vertical scroll bar of the dialogs, so you do not be disturb. *2
  • If the familiar APP is closed, the iphone terminal is restarted, it is necessary to start the APP to receive notifications. *5



  • Impact and utility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Describe en qué medida las funcionalidades del producto son útiles e impactan en la mejora de vida de la persona usuaria.
  • Usability and accessibility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Posibilidad del dispositivo para ser utilizado, entendido y aprovechado en igualdad de condiciones para cualquier persona.
  • Design and ergonomics: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Valoración de cómo el diseño de la solución tecnológica se adapta a la persona para lograr una mayor comodidad y eficacia al utilizarlo.
  • Ease of acquisition: 3 sobre 5(3/5)
    Hace referencia a las posibilidades de acceder y adquirir una solución tecnológica por parte de la persona usuaria.

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