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What does it consist of:

February 2018

Wiser is a simplified menu that facilitates the use of the Smartphone for people with difficulties in the use of unadapted technology.

The application simplifies the traditional menus of an Android Smartphone by presenting a set of large and clearly identified icons.

This free application is a simplified way of organizing and interpreting the functionalities, which allows us to take advantage of functionalities that do not include the simplest telephones such as the camera, WhatsApp messaging systems and other applications that require an internet connection.

The application makes it easy to create bookmarks for contacts or applications so that they can be accessed more immediately.

The application also allows you to establish a contact to communicate emergencies and allows you to set reminders for appointments or events.

Forms of Acquisition:

The Android version of the "Wiser - Simple Launcher" application can be purchased for free on Google Play at the following link:


You can access the application developer's website in the following

The support contact is: 


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