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What does it consist of:

Amaia includes three applications whose main objective is to prevent unwanted loneliness in the elderly, by allowing them to establish meaningful connections with their loved ones through accessible technology. Amaia's creators deeply value family relationships and recognize the power of technology to bring people together.

The first of these applications is Amaia App, designed specifically for family members to share content with their elderly loved ones. This content may be viewed by the older person through her own application, adapted to it. There are two options, Amaia with you, which is for seniors in their homes, and Amaia Connects, for users in residences.

Forms of acquisition:

These free applications can be purchased for both Android and IOS, at the following links:

Amaia App

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Amaia with you

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Amaia Connects

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Technical assessment:

Author: Cristina Alvarez Romero

Date: July 2023

Amaia App

This is the application that family members who want to help their older relative prevent unwanted loneliness, and where to upload content for him or her, should be installed.

To start using the application, registration via email and password is required. Once inside, you must choose between two options: "Join a family" or "Create a family".

Each family is associated with a code. If you do not have this code, you must create a new family group, along with the name of the older person who will be the protagonist of said group. This code can be shared with the rest of the family members so that they can join, as long as they have an Amaia account and enter the family group code. In addition, they must indicate the relationship they have with the older person. This code will also be used by the elderly person to synchronize with their Amaia Contigo or Amaia Conecta application.

It is important to note that the application allows you to have more than one family group for each user, which makes it easier to create groups for each older person.

The application is distributed in three simple screens, which will be described below:


On this screen, family members have the opportunity to share content for the elderly person through photos, accompanied by messages, as well as view the gallery of images that have been uploaded.

start screen
upload content
upload content with more data

In addition, the app proposes thematic challenges. During the tests, Amaia proposed the Labor Day challenge, where she invited to indicate what the dream job of the older relative was. In this way, the application provides suggestions on what type of content family members can share, giving them ideas and motivation.

labor day challenge


From this section, you can create the life story of the older person. To do this, you will have to answer the questions proposed about different aspects of his life, for example, when and where he was born, his studies or his profession. To complete this story, family members will be able to upload photos or videos that capture special moments in their lives, as well as their interests and hobbies. All this content can be uploaded by each family member from their account, and the Amaia application will be in charge of compiling them to create the life story of the older loved one. The result can be seen from the residences application, Amaia Conecta, and, for the moment, it is not possible to see it for the homes application, Amaia Contigo. 

amaya screen
complete the life story of the older person


On this screen, the photo and video album that the family has shared. Also here is a list of everyone who has joined the family group. 

family screen
amaia app family album
image uploaded by a relative and seen from amaia app

In this section of the application, there is access to a chat that family members can use to communicate. 

family chat

If you want to access the family identification code, it can be found in this section, which can be shared with other family members through various applications so that they can join the group.

Amaia with you

This is the application that the elderly person will use to View all the content that your relatives have been uploading, From your home. Simply, this user must enter the code that they have been provided to link their application with the created family group, without requiring a registration with an email and a password.

This application is much simpler than the previous one, and is perfectly adapted to the needs of an elderly person. It only has a screen with two options: photo album and camera.

amaia app interface with you

In the album will be able to view the photos and videos that their relatives have uploaded, and in the camera they will be able to generate content themselves for the rest of the family to see.

family album of the app amaia with you
photo uploaded by a family member and seen from the amaia contigo app
camera for the elderly person to upload content

Amaia Connects

Amaia Conecta is an application focused on people who are in residences. This other application has the same objective as Amaia Contigo, to connect families, with some more functionality for those who work in the residence. To obtain it, the residence hall staff must contact the Amaia team through its website: Through a single account that is linked to each residence, it will be possible to have a record of all residents.

Each resident will have their own content, and it will be accessed by clicking on the corresponding user. To save the privacy of the residents, when leaving the profile of a specific user and before accessing the main menu, a code must be entered that only the residence staff have.

resident registration
Options to choose within each resident

The content that older people can view is very simplified, with four options. 

  • News: When new content has been published by the family, before viewing it, Amaia Conecta will ask about the emotional state of the user. You will then be able to view the content, and finally it will ask you if you want to send a reaction to your family in the form of a video, which will start automatically when you accept this request.
Ask about the mood
Ask for recording a response for relatives
Image uploaded by the family with its corresponding message
  • Album: It is the gallery of the images that the family has been uploading through the Amaia App. The application offers the option of viewing the images in the form of an automatic presentation. Clicking on each photo will show the image, with its corresponding message uploaded by the family.
Photo Album
  • Camera: The elderly person will have the opportunity to generate multimedia content for their relatives.
  • His story: In this section, a summary of photos and messages will be automatically created, based on the content provided by the family from the Amaia App. It is a more dynamic and fun option for the elderly. 
life story 2

For professionals, a person-centred tool: a web portal that collects information that is being generated, such as their activity, their emotions, their tastes... and more useful indications to assess the emotional state of their users. This portal is linked to each Amaia Conecta account, that is, to each residential centre.

Another function for professionals is found in the "Residence Menu" section of the application's main screen, where there is a button to voice record life history interviews of the older person. This recording is tautomatically transcribe with Artificial Intelligence, so that a psychologist can make the assessments he sees fit, through the portal for professionals provided by Amaia. 

The web portal has been tested, which works as a psychosocial area for the residents, and presents a very careful, simple, easy-to-navigate interface, and with useful information about each user. In addition, it allows generate reports about each user, see their preferences and interests in different areas, and have a management of all the people residing in the corresponding center.


Amaia App is an intuitive application, with a simple and very visual interface, using images and icons. On the other hand, the application Amaia with you y Amaia Connects They have a very simplified interface, adapted to people who lack management developed with technology, and where you can see the content of family members in just two clicks. The buttons are large, well distinguished and labeled. It even offers a button to exit the application without needing the "Back" button on the device itself.

These more adapted applications are ideal for both mobile devices and tablets, both offering the interface so simplified for the understanding of the elderly.


Accessibility for people with reduced or no visibility

The Android voice narrator, Talk Back, and the IOS voice narrator, Voice Over, have been tested and it has been verified that they work correctly, with the content well labeled, except for the images published by relatives, which, since it does not offer the option to put it, lack alternative text.

Accessibility for people with hearing difficulties

The applications do not present barriers for people with hearing difficulties, since it does not include audio elements.

Accessibility for people with compression difficulties

For people who find it difficult to understand how an application works, with Amaia they won't have any problem. Amaia App, focused on family members, presents a simple three-screen interface, well indicated and excessive information. On the other hand, applications designed for the elderly, Amaia with you y Amaia Connects, facilitate the experience for those who find it difficult to manage with their mobile phones, generally the elderly, due to the careful simplification that they have carried out. This translates into large, colorful buttons, with large texts, descriptive images of each function, and the right number of functions for a rewarding user experience. 


This set of applications is a very good option for older people who suffer from unwanted loneliness, as a communication tool with their relatives or to feel motivated through the content they upload. Thus, it will help them remember moments without technological barriers thanks to the simplicity of its interface, strengthening family ties and improving emotional health. Additionally, the Amaia Conecta application can be very useful for residential and day centers, since it is a great help in the emotional management of its residents.

Amaia's team feels a deep vocation to contribute to the well-being and improvement of people's lives. Likewise, they strive to stay constantly updated, with the aim of continuing to improve the experience of their users, with innovation always present.


  • Amaia App offers the necessary functions to help prevent unwanted loneliness that some older people may feel, improving their emotional well-being and providing valuable information.
  • Amaia Contigo and Amaia Conecta present a very careful interface for the understanding of the elderly.
  • The large, well indicated and colorful buttons contribute positively to the handling of the application by older users.
  • Amaia App proposes ideas to keep the upload of content constant.
  • The Amaia web portal is a very useful tool for managing residence users and monitoring their well-being.


 Points to improve

  • It is proposed to add a function that provides the opportunity for family members to write an alternative text that describes the image they upload, improving accessibility for people with reduced or no vision.
  • Lack of implementation of the Amaia Conecta functions in Amaia Contigo, so that you can also enjoy them at home.


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