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What does it consist of:

Better Me is an application of mindfulness, designed for foster  a state of calm and well-being in your usersIn particular, this app is intended to help people deal with daily stress and anxiety, improve su mental health, acquire a more positive attitude, optimize sleep quality, enhance syour skills, among other notable benefits, through a variety of techniques and guided meditations. 

Forms of acquisition:

This free application is available for Android and IOS, and can be downloaded from the following links: 

Link to Google Play

Link to App Store

In BetterMe there is a Premium version, which has more features. The price depends on the offer that is offered. Some of the offers received were €4,99 per week or €33,99 instead of €135,96 per year. Plus, it includes a 7-day free trial. 

Technical assessment:

Author: Cristina Alvarez Romero 

Date: June 2023 

After registering with an email and password, the BetterMe app will be interested in knowing the user's goals and mental state, in order to adapt their meditation sessions accordingly.

set app goals

The application is divided into 5 screens that offer all the content, which can be accessed through the bottom toolbar: 


This main screen provides users with a daily plan with recommended activities, divided into what to do in the morning, during the day and at night. The application offers multiple resources to address different aspects, such as anxiety, work stress or sleep improvement. These resources include breathing exercises, audio guides, stories, sounds, and music, each designed to address specific needs. Each time an activity is completed, it is marked as done, which allows you to keep track of the tasks you have completed. 

blueprint screen

In case the user prefers not to follow the recommended daily plan, the application offers the possibility of choosing a specific activity through the following screens: 


Through a few minute sessions, the user will have the opportunity to combat anxiety, anger, irritation, sadness, fear, worry or envy through breathing exercises. 

breathing screen
breathing exercise


This section of BetterMe offers 3 types of content: 

screen discover
  • Courses to enhance the skills of full consciousness. These courses, which consist of several sessions spread over several days, require the completion of a previous session to advance to the next. Each session includes audio that offers tips to address topics such as anxiety, deep sleep, mindful eating, focus, creativity, self-esteem, and a host of other topics. All courses are part of the Premium version with the exception of the first, "Anxiety". 


courses in discover
audio of a course
  • Small practices to find inner peace. Again, they are different sessions in the form of audios of between 6 and 12 minutes, designed to be listened to during breaks at work, while cooking, running, sleeping, waiting, and in various other situations. In this case, the same thing happens as in the previous one, the audios are from the Premium version except for the first one, “Pause at work”. 
practice audios to deal with certain topics
  • Rainbow zen to relax with calming animation. A relaxation technique that consists of sliding your finger across the screen to move a beam of colored light, whose intensity varies depending on the pressure exerted.  
zen light


To help the user sleep, BetterMe offers a variety of audios of about 15 minutes in the form of stories or relaxing music. The free version offers 3 audios of each, the rest belong to the Premium version.  

The audios have a sleep timer function, which allows the user to set the number of hours they want the audios to play. Although these audios are approximately 15 minutes long, they will be played in a loop until the set timer expires. 

sleep screen


Here, the user will be able to make a combination of relaxing sounds by modifying the volume of each one to adjust it to their liking and obtain personalized audio. In the free version only the sounds of waves, fire and electrical storm enter; the Premium version will offer other sounds, such as the singing of birds, sounds of the forest or the flow of a river, among many others. Sounds can also be set on a timer, allowing them to play until the time set on the timer expires. 

screen sounds

test on iphone 

The way BetterMe works on iOS is exactly the same as for Android. As an added bonus, it can be linked to the iPhone's Health application to record data there and obtain more information about the user's activity. 


BetterMe is an application with a fairly visual interface, set in a starry night, and without saturation due to excessive information. Its structure is very careful, since it offers a daily plan so that the user can make the most of its functionalities, but the different resources can also be accessed individually. 


Accessibility for people with reduced or no visibility 

To test accessibility for people with zero visibility, the Android voice narrator, Talk Back, has been used and it has been verified that it works correctly and offers a positive experience for these users. The iOS voice narrator, Voice Over, has also been tested and the same conclusion as with Talk Back has been verified. 

For people with reduced visibility, it can be difficult to read the texts due to the very dark interface it presents. 

Accessibility for people with hearing difficulties  

Most of BetterMe's content relies on audio guides, music, and sounds that require you to listen, limiting its accessibility for the hard of hearing. Unfortunately, the app does not have a text audio description option for users who cannot access audio content. 

Accessibility for people with cognitive difficulties 

BetterMe stands out for its simplified and well-organized interface, so it wouldn't be a problem for this group. In addition, it uses many representative images for each audio, which makes it easier to understand. 


In short, BetterMe is a very complete application in terms of mindfulness tools, designed to adapt to various areas in which the user may need relaxation. It has an intuitive interface that facilitates navigation, and offers plans that guide the user to improve their experience and reach a state of well-being, through the practice of mindfulness. 


  • Quality content and useful tools for relaxation. 
  • Simple and well organized app. 
  • Touch different areas in which to relax through mindfulness. 
  • The daily plan allows to structure the user's routine optimally. 


Points to improve 

  • Improvable accessibility for people with reduced visibility. 
  • Lack of audio-descriptions for people with hearing difficulties. 
  • Very limited in the free version. 


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