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What does it consist of:

Nextdoor is an application for mobile devices that serves as a space where the residents of a neighborhood can exchange, sell, donate, inform or help others, creating a friendlier and more united community among themselves. In addition, users can organize or participate in activities and meetings, and thus meet new people.

To use the application it is necessary to have a commitment as a good neighbor, showing respect towards others, without discriminating or harming anyone.

good neighbor pledge

Forms of acquisition:

This free application is available for both Android and iOS, and can be downloaded from the following links:

Link to Play Store

Link to App Store

Technical assessment:

Author: Cristina Alvarez Romero

Date: June 2023


The Nextdoor application has been tested from a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro and an Iphone 12, and it has been verified that the operation is the same.

Before you can start using the app, you need to create an account by providing a mailing address. email and password. Since Nextdoor aims to connect the citizens of a neighborhood, it is necessary to establish the zip code and address of the user. It is important to mention that this information will not be visible to other users. In order to verify the authenticity of the provided address and to ensure that Nextdoor users are real people with real addresses, Nextdoor offers the option of using device location or phone number, and in this case, the latter has been chosen. In addition, there is the possibility of including contacts of emergency on the account.

At any time, the user will be able to consult the profile of another user to see his or her activity, connect with him or her, or even send him or her a message.

In addition, within the profile, recognition can be obtained as soon as the user has been:

  • Host of 3 events with the participation of at least 2 neighbors.
  • Facilitator: Creation of at least 10 publications that generate conversations with at least 5 comments each.
  • Neighborhood guide: At least 10 recommendations about local businesses.
  • Creativity: At least 10 posts in image or video format with at least 5 "likes".

Nextdoor Navigation

Nextdoor is structured in 5 screens different ones that offer all the content, and which can be accessed from the bottom bar.

Home screen

In this section, all the publications made by the neighbors are shown, both from the same neighborhood and from the surrounding area. These posts cover a variety of topics, including help requests, city feedback, sales announcements, recommendations, event alerts, stories, or greetings from new Nextdoor users. The app facilitates communication and helps solve community problems, strengthening local ties by allowing users to respond and interact with each post.

In addition, this section offers the possibility to join groups that share similar tastes and interests, and thus keep up with the publications related to the subject in question.

start screen

Discover Screen

On this screen, a map will be displayed that will allow you to see where the products or services offered by other residents are located. Also, there is the option to apply filters to only display specific content, such as local businesses that are Nextdoor users, events, products for sale, or users requesting help.

section map discover

Just below the map is detailed information about each post, including details like the time, location, event description, and a sign-up button.

discover upcoming events
discover which people offer their help

Post Screen

In this section, Nextdoor users will be able to share information with other users. They will have the option to publish various content, such as the sale or gift of articles, images or videos, thoughts, event creation, neighbor surveys or recommendations to improve safety in the community.

One notable point is that users will be able to select the audience they want to direct these posts to, whether it is for the entire Nextdoor community, nearby neighborhoods, or just the neighborhood in which they reside.

Post Screen

screen for sale

In this section of Nextdoor, an overview of all the announcements of products and services available for sale is presented, providing the opportunity to establish contact with your sellers. In addition, a filter is offered to exclusively show free products and services, as well as another filter by categories to facilitate the search.

Additionally, users have the ability to list their own items for sale, allowing them to take advantage of the platform to promote and sell their products.

menu to publish what you sell
screen for sale

Notifications Screen

This screen will provide an updated display of the publications of the closest neighbors or those with whom you have connected, that are generating a high number of views, so that the user does not miss it.

Privacy & Security

When creating an account on Nextdoor, the user must verify their zip code and address to join the community of neighbors, which ensures that only people who live in a certain neighborhood have access to it. This address will not be visible to other Nextdoor users. In the event of offering a product for sale, Nextdoor offers the possibility of including the exact or approximate address (it would show the neighborhood) of the collection point.


Nextdoor features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, where content is organized into clear sections, allowing users to explore and discover information relevant to their neighborhood. Search and filter functions make it easy to locate specific topics and local events. In addition, Nextdoor offers an experience that invites users to organize and participate in the activities offered by the community.


Accessibility for people with reduced or no vision

Accessibility for people with zero visibility has been evaluated through the Android voice narrator, talk back. It has been verified that, in general, navigation with this tool through the application is adequate and consistent. However, some points have been found that could be improved to provide a more satisfactory experience for these users. Some buttons and images lack alt text, days are read abbreviated as "2 d" which can be confusing for these people, and the map is not accessible. Despite these aspects, it could be said that the application shows concern for the accessibility of this group.

The voice narrator test has been tested for Iphone as well (Voice Over) and the accessibility has been found to be slightly better than Android, with more elements having alt text. Also, in this case you can navigate the map using the narrator.

In relation to people with reduced vision, the application does not present significant obstacles in their navigation due to its simple interface, avoiding the saturation of the screen with visual elements. In general, the contrasts are adequate, although there are some exceptions, such as the combination of a dark gray on a light gray.

Accessibility for people with hearing difficulties

The application does not present barriers for people with hearing difficulties, since it does not include audio elements.

Accessibility for people with cognitive difficulties

The interface is clear and simple, and it has a correct distribution of content. It also has buttons with intuitive icons to perform certain actions such as comment, share or react to a publication. The information is understandable and the application is well explained to make the user experience more accessible for this group.


Nextdoor is a useful application that encourages community participation and interaction between neighbors. It has a large number of users who use this application so that residents can both broadcast their own events and discover those in which they wish to participate. It can also be very useful for dependent people who need help with specific errands, or a way for people who want to offer their help to vulnerable groups. Although some aspects of the application could be improved, Nextdoor is a platform that many users can take advantage of.


  • Promotes solidarity and sustainability in neighborhoods.
  • This application can be beneficial for the elderly or dependent people, since other users of the application can offer them help in their day-to-day activities, such as shopping or walking their pets.
  • This application creates links between the residents of a neighborhood, and can help improve the emotional well-being of people by attending events, or the inclusion of new neighbors in a community.
  • Ease of communication between neighbors thanks to individual chats or comments and reactions on each publication.
  • Ease of use of the application. For example, to sign up for an event after reading the information about it, just press the "I'm interested" button and you could attend it.
  • Information only appears from neighborhoods close to the user's or their own.
  • The application guarantees the privacy of the user by not revealing their precise location. In the event an ad is published, you are given the option to display your exact location or an approximate one that represents the neighborhood in general, giving the user control over the information they wish to share.
  • Although registration requires providing the exact address of the user, which can raise privacy concerns, the verification that is done guarantees the authenticity of the users belonging to the neighborhood.

Points to improve

  • Improvable accessibility in some points of the application.
  • Posts on the home screen do not appear in chronological order and have false timing on some of them.

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