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What does it consist of:

Remente is an application for mobile devices, aimed at people who want to improve their health and emotional well-being, as well as develop personal growth. This application offers a variety of self-help tools aimed at improving users' lifestyles, allowing them to assess their progress, and determine their strengths and areas of focus to maximize their well-being.

The specific functions that it offers are the following:

  • daily planner
  • Setting objectives
  • mood diary
  • Variety of resources to achieve healthier habits

Forms of acquisition:

The Remente application is available for both Android and iOS, and can be downloaded at the following links:

Link to Play Store Link to App Store

This app is free, with limited features. If you want a version with access to all its tools, you can get the Premium plan for €50 per year (€4,2 per month), with a 7-day free trial. The functions offered by this more advanced version are the following:

  • More than 100 personal growth and wellness programs
  • More tools for goals, habits, meditations, and journaling
  • Faster results with interactive video coaching
  • Unlimited access to statistics and process

Technical assessment:

After registering with an email and a password, the user will undergo a personal assessment of the most important vital aspects (relationship, economic, social situation, etc.), indicating a score from 1 to 10 in each one, and obtaining a circular diagram with the results. This can be updated from the main screen of the application at any time.

setting user moods
set overall goal

Then the application navigation will begin. It is divided into 4 screens that can be accessed from a toolbar at the bottom.

“Me” Screen (Main Screen)

This main screen will show the results of the evaluation that has been done on the most important vital aspects, the scheduled tasks and the established objectives.

main screen

You can also find the "Daily Rement" here, a section where the user can record their daily mood and establish their personal goals through three easy steps, and which will be reflected in the weekly record that the application makes.

goal setting with daily rement
end of daily session

This main screen also contains the record of the moods that the user has indicated each day, as well as the goals achieved. With all this data, it generates a report that summarizes the activity that has taken place that week.

status graph and weekly actions

“Schedule” screen

This screen shows a calendar with the tasks that the user himself has proposed. To create a task, just click on the “+” button, write it and add it. You can change the order if there are several, simply dragging them up or down. In addition, they can be postponed, edited, deleted or marked as finished.

calendar screen
setting tasks on the calendar

“Journal” screen

This will be the section where all the activity that the user has carried out with Remente appears. From here, the user has the opportunity to listen to anything, be it a reflection on his state of mind or on her life in general.

daily screen

“Resources” screen

This section of the application offers a variety of resources in the form of texts, with explanations, advice, examples, and some even allow you to add objectives related to the topic being discussed. In the free version, it only allows you to have one active objective, and in the Premium version, the number is unlimited. In addition, this Premium version allows more information and more functions on the topic being discussed, as well as making a greater number of resources available to the user.

The resources are organized by themes that help to organize them better. The free version offers very little variety of resources.

resources screen
resource do good and feel better

Testing on iOS

Tests have been carried out with an Iphone 12 and it has been verified that the operation is the same. As an addition, an iOS device allows you to connect Remente with Apple Health, offering this application data about the user's sleep and physical activity, in order to have more information and offer more accurate results in the weekly report.


The application has a colorful interface, but very simple, using correct typography and colors for the texts that stand out from the background. It is very intuitive to use, but in case of having any kind of doubt, the application makes an information section available to the user. With the latter, a difficulty arises for those who do not speak English, since the application has been translated into Spanish except for this section.


  • Accessibility for people with reduced or no vision

The Android narrator, Talk Back, has been tested with generally positive results. The text is correctly labeled and the buttons are well marked, but the graphics and images do not describe them. Some icons lack alt text to properly describe them, as it only mentions the word “button”. Apple's narrator, Voice Over, has also been tested and found to be the same as Talk Back.

For people with reduced vision, this application would not make navigation difficult since the contrasts are correct for legibility, there is no excessive information that could clutter the screen, and there are many graphics that favor the visualization of information.

  • Accessibility for people with hearing difficulties

The application does not present barriers for people with hearing difficulties, since it does not include audio elements.

  • Accessibility for people with cognitive difficulties

The clear interface, understandable graphics and well-explained elements contribute to a more accessible user experience for people with cognitive difficulties.


Remente is a useful tool to keep personal control of the user's emotional state, and this provides motivation through the establishment of goals that improve their well-being. Thanks to its intuitive, visual and well-organized interface, users can navigate the application without difficulty, taking full advantage of its functionalities.

In conclusion, Remente offers a beneficial experience for those who want to work on their mental well-being and develop healthy habits.


  • Visual and simple interface.
  • It provides a clear record of user activity and status.
  • It offers recommendations among the resources to know how to handle certain situations.


Improvement points

  • The free version has very limited resources compared to the Premium.
  • It offers summaries of the activity, but the free version does not offer conclusions about these results.
  • Improvable accessibility for people with zero vision.


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