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What is it about:

Medicamento Accesible Plus is a free application promoted by the General Council of the Official Association of Pharmacists, the Vodafone Spain Foundation and the ONCE Foundation, and developed by the company Ilunion. The application proposes the consultation of updated information on medicines, by capturing the barcode present in its usual packaging, and in an accessible way to improve the understanding of it regardless of the functional diversity of the user. This solution access part of the information included in the Health Knowledge Database (hereinafter, BDM) belonging to the General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists of Spain and incorporates search options, assistant for reading information directed to patients and other services of interest to users. The latest version includes services such as a system of personalized alerts based on the user's profile and the medications stored in the "My medicines" section.

Forms of acquisition:

The application is free download.
To get the Android version click on the next link:
Google play

To get the IOS version click on the next link:
App Store

Technical verification:

July 2019

The functionality that includes Medicamento Accesible Plus allows people with some type of visual functional diversity to access the information contained in the leaflet of the medicines in a totally accessible way as well as to the location of the pharmacies closest to the user's location.
In this case we do an analysis on the features that this application has for people with reduced or no vision.

Search for

Search Options Screen

The Medicamento Accesible Plus application has several methods to get the medicine's package leaflet:

Scan medicine code

Code scan screen

For this functionality, the smartphone's rear camera is used. You can scan the medication's barcode in real time. Once that the barcode is detected, a button is shown on the screen that allows access to the medication information.

Medication national code

Medication national code screen

In this option you can enter in a text field the 7-digit code that identifies the medication and which is located on the top of the box. After pressing the search button, medication name is shown, and clicking on it, it accesses the information of the same.

Medication name

Search by name screen

In this option, you can enter medication name in a text box. After pressing the search button, a medicine list that matches with that name is shown. Selecting medication name from the list it accesses the information of the same.

My medicines

My medicines screen

In this menu option, a medication list that the user has previously added to the medicines list is shown. If you click on a medication's name, the information of that medication is shown.


nearest pharmacies list screen

This function allows the user to locate the nearest pharmacies to their current location. The first time it is accessed, permission is requested to access to the user's location. Once it is accessed, the nearest pharmacies list is shown, ordered by its proximity. If you click on a pharmacy's name, its location is shown in Google Maps application on Android or Maps on Ios.

My profile

My profile screen

In this option, the user can indicate some conditions that may interfer with the use of certain medications that he is consulting or has stored in My medicines, such as, in the case of being a woman, pregnant or lactating, or certain food intolerances. The user can check the boxes corresponding to these conditions. When the user consults the medicines stored in My medicines or performs a search for a medication, the application warns of interference with these conditions.


Settings screen

This option allows the user to indicate to the application if he wants the legal conditions screen and the help screen to be shown everytime he opens the same, checking or unchecking the corresponding checkbox.


About screen

This option shows the user the general information of the application.


The interest shown by the General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists, the ONCE Foundation and the Vodafone Spain Foundation for the development of applications that contribute to the accessibility of people with special needs is evident. The Medicamento Accesible Plus application is a great tool for people with reduced or no vision, allowing them to access information on the leaflets of medicines in a fast, simple and accessible, as well as the location of the nearest pharmacies to the user's location. The possibility to indicate certain specific conditions to the user that may affect the use of medications consulted or stored in the application is also very useful.


  • Information about medications, as well as pharmacies and other options, is shown in a clear and simple way.
  • All aplication's element have clear and concise names.
  • It presents different methods of finding medicines.
  • It allows locating the nearest pharmacies.
  • It warns of interference with user specific conditions.
  • There is a version for both Android and IOS.
  • It's free.

Improvement point

  • The application accessibility is fantastic with screen readers, and it presents an easy and simple design, although it can be proposed in future versions the inclusion of a high contrast option for people who use magnifiers systems.
  • The menu is simple and fast, being well structured, although the inclusion of quick access tabs could be suggested for future versions to certain menu options.
  • The pronunciation of the different elements of the application is great in both Android and IOS, although it could be investigate the possibility that Talkback pronounces the word "menu" better in Spanish.
  • In future versions, an alternative system to the barcode scan could be included to identify the medication when this is missing in the container, such as when the seal coupon is removed at the pharmacy (in Spain), as well as reading the one included in the medication flap.
  • It could be interesting in future versions to include some section that allows to indicate the dose of the prescribed medication as well as some notification system to take the medication.
  • The camera correctly detects the barcode in low light conditions, although it could be study the possibility of including a button in the camera to activate the flash to improve detection on IOS version.
  • Talkback has a gesture to go back to the previous screen, but it could be interesting to include a cancel button on the camera on Android version.
  • Design and manufacturing: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
  • User Experience: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    This criterion is linked to the user's assessment of the product or application
  • Technical features: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution
  • Accessibility: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical capabilities

Social valuation:

Andrés, our volunteer, has been testing the application with us. The first thing he tells us is that blind people who know Braille can read medicine's name in this system since the labeled Braille of these products is required by Law. However, the application offers much more information: recipe, how to use it, what it is used for or possible adverse effects. Andrés lacks, since neither the Braille label nor the application provide, is a way to know the expiration date of the medication.
Regarding the different search methods, Andrés tells us that both the search by name and by The medication national code works correctly, although the first method is preferable since, unless you are told to do so, the medicament national code is a number that is unknown.
Regarding the scanning of the barcode, Andrés says that the application reads the QR codes and the seal coupons, but that the latter are withdrawn in most cases by pharmacists in the medicines prescribed by the Social Security in Spain. In addition, it indicates that the codes of the flap are not read correctly.
Regarding the handling of the application, Andrés says that it is perfectly labeled for screen readers and that the interaction with the menus and buttons is correct. To this he adds that the application is very clear and simple.

Andrés with the app in the smartphone and two containers of medications on the table

  • Impact and utility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Describe to what extent the functionalities of the product are useful and impact on the improvement of the user's life
  • Usability and accessibility: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    Possibility of the device to be used, understood and used in equal conditions for any person
  • Design and ergonomics: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    Assessment of how the design of the technological solution adapts to the person to achieve greater comfort and effectiveness when using it
  • Ease of acquisition: 5 sobre 5(5/5)
    It refers to the possibilities of accessing and acquiring a technological solution by the user

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