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TV 2500 Headphones (Amplicomms)

TV 2500 Headphones (Amplicomms)

TV 2500 Headphones
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What does it consist of:

October 2020

This wireless headset is indicated for people with reduced and / or no hearing. It allows them to listen to television in a more understandable and less annoying way for those around them, avoiding having to turn up the volume.

Forms of acquisition:

The device is priced at approximately € 115 excluding shipping costs.

The purchase can be made through the Amazon website by making click here..

 The contents of the box are as follows:

  • Receiver with earphone headset.
  • Transmitter.
  • Power supply for the transmitter.
  • 2 batteries for the receiver (lithium polymers).
  • 1 TOSLINK audio cable.
  • 1 analog audio cable (2 x 3,5 mm Jack plug).
  • 1 x 6.3mm audio adapter.
  • 1 audio adapter (RCA) for analog audio cable.
  • 1 microphone with adapter for analog audio cable and microphone holder (including fixing material).
  • 1 Pair of S-Size Headphone Earbuds.
  • 1 instruction manual.

Warranty and support

The legal warranty offered by the manufacturer is 2 years from the date of purchase.

The manufacturer offers support on the phone that is available on its website.

Weight and measurements

Transmitter Weight: 115g

Receiver Weight: 53g

Package weight: 840g

Package dimensions: 242 x 158 x 98 mm


Technical assessment:

Now we will go on to analyze the technical characteristics of the product.


-Batteries: This product incorporates 2 batteries, which allows you to be using the product with the extra battery if one of them has run out. Additionally, the unused battery may be charging in the base so that it is available while the product is in use.

Insert battery in wireless headphones

-Audio inputs: It offers different audio adapters to be able to connect with as many devices as possible: computer, television, etc.

  • Analog audio input (3.5mm headphones).
  • Digital audio input with TOSLINK cable.
  • 6.3 mm earphone adapter.
  • RCA connector.
  • Microphone with adhesive to be able to connect the speaker of the device in case the device does not have another audio output.

Audio adapters, batteries and three-pin plug adapter

In addition to these audio inputs, a three-pin plug adapter is included in the package, which can be used when traveling.

-Sound configuration: First, the sound can be configured as mono or stereo. This configuration is done from one side of the charging base.

Rear charging base with marked mono stereo function

Second, you can configure the clarity of tone, being able to increase the lows and / or highs.

Adjusting high and low tones

Finally, behind the wireless headphones there is a wheel to be able to adjust, if necessary, a higher volume in the left or right ear.

Right-left ear volume control

-Extras: It can function as a hearing aid by simply pressing the central button of the wireless headphones, allowing you to hear external sounds such as the doorbell, the telephone, etc.

Hearing aid function button


It is a product that satisfactorily meets the technical performance indicated. Being easy to install and use.

The incorporation of extra functionalities such as activation as a hearing aid or the adjustment of bass and treble tones give it greater versatility.

In addition, it incorporates a large number of gadgets to connect the device's audio (computer, television, etc.) to the wireless headphones.

By including two batteries, the depletion of one of them is not a problem. In addition, the one that is not being used can be charged while using the wireless headphones.


  • Simple and easy to install and use.
  • It allows to have the sound in stereo and adjustable mono.
  • Battery life and availability of two units, in addition to having an automatic shutdown after 5 minutes without receiving a signal from the transmitter or if the signal level is too low.
  • High power (up to 120 dB).

Improvement points

  • Although the sound is good, there is some background noise that accompanies the received audio.
  • Connection to a Smart TV may require prior configuration.


Technical evaluation scores.

Design and manufacturing:
This section refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
Technical benefits:
Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution
User experience:
This criterion is linked to the user's assessment when relating to the technical product or application.
It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical abilities

Social valuation:

After the period of use that the volunteer Pepe has made of the product, the technical review is complemented with certain points of interest, although a large part of his comments have already been taken into account during the description of said technical review.

The first impression that Pepe has had of the product has been very satisfactory. It allows you to listen to television as well as to act as a hearing aid and to capture the sounds of the environment, that is to say, wearing headphones you can hear the doorbell, telephone, etc. more clearly. After using it for several days, you feel that the TV 2500 wireless headphones do the job.

He also considers the material that it includes to connect to the different audio outputs, both digital and analog of televisions, very successful. Makes it easy to use regardless of the TV model.

He explains that the battery life is fantastic, about five hours straight. In addition, the product includes two batteries, being able to leave one charging in the compartment for it at the base of the receiver. So, if it runs out, you just have to replace one with another.

You also appreciate being able to control the bass and treble tone on the side of the headset you prefer, being able to better tailor the sound based on the hearing loss in each ear.

The simplicity of use stands out, both in the installation and in the activation of its extra functionalities (adjustment of bass and treble tones, hearing aid function to listen to the environment, etc.).

Some other strong points that the product stands out are: its great power (up to 120 dB), its lightness, clear and quality sound. However, as an improvement it adds being able to use these headphones with hearing aids or other hearing implants to take advantage of the gain of these, since it is difficult to hold the headphones with hearing aids / hearing implants.


Social valuation scores.

Impact and utility:
This item has not been rated/5
Describes to what extent the functionalities of the product are useful and impact on improving the life of the user
Design and Ergonomics:
This item has not been rated/5
Assessment of how the design of the technological solution adapts to the person to achieve greater comfort and efficiency when using it
Usability and accessibility:
This item has not been rated/5
Possibility of the device to be used, understood and taken advantage of under equal conditions for anyone
Ease of acquisition:
This item has not been rated/5
It refers to the possibilities of accessing and acquiring a technological solution by the user.

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