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What does it consist of:

B-Resol is a support to fight against bullying, el bullying and mental health problems in the youth as well as the childhood, focused on helping schools, leisure centers, sports teams or other entities that deal with minors. This environment enables members contact anonymously with an adult reference person of the entity (teacher, coach or trusted monitor) in search of help or guidance through a application, both as a victim and as an observer of a case of bullying or a mental health problem such as eating or mental disorders. The victims or observers can contact "with a click" from the application, while the entities have web support to manage the cases. It is not intended only to be useful as a solution to a problematic case, but also to serve as a preventive measure to avoid or reduce the number of cases.   


Young person isolated from background. The screen of a phone is displayed by clicking on the contact icon in B-Resol, called "Click".

Forms of acquisition:

  • For young users, the mobile application is free and is available on mobile phones for both Apple and Android, and they will simply have to enter the code of their center or entity to synchronize contact with the center's references. 
  Link to Google Play          
  • Web support for entities must be requested by entering the necessary data in the contact section of the website: . It has a monthly cost of €60 + VAT for two lines (classrooms per course) with annual billing and payment, €75 + VAT per month for 3-4 lines and €100 + VAT per month for 5 or more lines. Once the entity is validated, the management will be done on the web platform (there is no application for those responsible for it). B-Resol specifies that in general responsible adults prefer to receive emails with access to web management than to have an application with notifications.
  B Resol pricing: 1-2 lines are €65 per month plus VAT. 3-4 lines are €75 and 5 or more lines are €100 per month.

Technical assessment:

Author: Genaro Rodríguez Calatayud 

Date: 20 of April of 2023 


Interface and use for young people 

After downloading the app and opening it, the user is asked if they want to receive notifications. It may be convenient to accept to receive notices of answers of adults contacted in case of a problem. During the tests, it has been verified that to "send a click" of contact it is necessary to activate the notifications.                        

Some are shown later conditions to accept, with general information and communication with those responsible (BCN Resol), the description of the platform, the rules of use and its general conditions. Although it is a long document, it transmits security that is displayed on the screen before being accepted. In addition, it is explained that B-Resol does not pretend to be a medical or emergency center and the existence of data confidentiality is mentioned when contacting someone.  

All this is adequate considering that the application connects minors with adults, although for young people there is some information or responsibility that may be excessive at first, so it is convenient for the center to carry out a session with users explaining the use of the app and convenient information.  

B-Resol news screen

Once the terms are accepted, the main screen that will be used is displayed, which has a large circular display to "click"; term used by B-Resol to refer to communicating a problem, so that it is not confused with the concepts of "alert" or "emergency". You can also access the display of news or active chats, which will appear empty as they have not yet been contacted. 

report a problem 

You just have to click on the big corresponding icon. The first time, you will have to enter the center reference code, which are usually simple and easy-to-remember words that interpret uppercase or lowercase interchangeably, but the center should have it accessible in case users do not remember it.  

Infographic of the application that shows the steps to contact after clicking: 01. Enter the school code, 02. Choose the teacher or adult to contact. 03.Explain what happens in a text message to send.

It is easy and safe to contact the center's references, since clicking shows the possible contacts that the center has established with their corresponding photo. It is about the victim or observer writing, in principle as anonymous, to the one with whom you feel safest or to whom you deem most convenient. For example, if a student from a high school believes that certain people are harassing another from another course, she will be able to report it anonymously at home or in an area outside the school, from a safe space. In addition, the conversations are automatically hidden and whoever contacts cannot retrieve their messages, as a security method to prevent problems for those who contact and maintain anonymity in case someone loses their mobile device. A clear example to which this security mode benefits is the women in situations of gender violence. 

At this time, the person contacted will be able to help and guide the victim or become aware and responsibilities of a reported problem. 

Screen shown before sending a message: The clcik will be anonymous by default (confirm or identify)


Interface and use for the entity 

It has been tested to "send a click" with a message to a test account that would simulate a teacher or manager of the entity. Instantly it has been verified the receipt of notification email on the account associated with the adult with a link which leads directly to the management web page and displays the message. As the option to maintain anonymity has been selected, the name of the issuing user does not appear. Neither have images or files been attached in this case. Within the Dashboard, the "chat" display enables a response chat to the user.  Once the person in charge has read the click received, they can record the relevant information in the identification sections (affected persons, perpetrators of the events, observers and others involved), characteristics (situation and actions) and the possible referral of the case to third parties. external.

B-Resol Dashboard for centers: The person in charge views a click received and fills in the identification, characteristics and actions sections.

At the moment in which it is answered, as mentioned, the victim or observer would receive the answer, but their own message sent will be kept hidden in the chat for security reasons. The interface in the tests has been very intuitive and resolute. The responsible person contacted by the entity will have a margin of 48 hours to respond. The user who sends the first message is also informed of this margin.  

It should be noted that B-Resol provides the center with guide documentation to clarify its limits of action. 


Professional contact option 

Entities have the option of adding, as contact persons, professionals in the field of mental health such as psychologists or nurses, which can provide more security for both the victims and the center.  


CO-Resol: Alternative for adult centers 

BCN RESOL ODR SOLUTIONS has also implemented CO-Resol, an environment similar to B-Resol, but focused on adults belonging to a company or center. It is about providing the possibility of sending messages to teams or personnel anonymously to alert them of problems. CO-Resol has a cost of €25 per month + VAT, with all the functionalities.


Interface and technical features  


It works without any loading error. All images, icons and text load automatically fast, facilitating fluid navigation.  


The app takes up little storage space; 20.8MB. During the analysis, no significant increase in battery consumption was observed.   

Versatility and compatibility  
The app works equally on both iPhone and Android, and the developers were open to making changes and recommendations after contacting us. 


  • The accesses to the different functionalities are well organized, making the app intuitive, comfortable and safe for the user to use, the main objective of B-Resol. He visual aspect of the app for users is not fully accessible due to the contrastes of the texts with the background. Bearing in mind that the app has the specific objective of putting a victim or observer in contact with someone from the entity, the use of icons It is appropriate since, in addition to the main circle to “click”, other icons are used, such as an alert bell or icons with profile photos for each teacher, which transmits security when contacting. The typography Some titles could improve because it is not the most legible with the chosen background. 
  • There is no need for more icons in the menu since the application has 3 specific useful uses on the same screen: "click" (the icon is bigger than the rest because it is the most important action), read the chats and see news. Perhaps more importance could be given to the access of active chats by enlarging its icon, since for users it may be more important than news regarding B-Resol.   
  • For the entity or center, the dashboard has an icon for guidance and is well schematized, organizing the displays in different accesses. 


Accessibility for people with reduced or no vision: 

iPhone screen readers have been tested (VoiceOver) and Android (TalkBack) and both read the different application displays correctly. In general, everything is well labeled in detail: in the messages, the date and time of issue are named within the current chat, for example. In addition, the large occupation on the screen of the "one-click" button to contact also improves accessibility. 

The contrasts could improve being taller, since there are titles and some white and thin icons on an orange background. Within the chat this does not happen and the contrasts are adequate. As there is plenty of space on the screen, they could be made larger, but in general the size is adequate.  


Accessibility for people with communication difficulties: 

Contact with the entity's help people is also made by text, with the option of anonymity and from a quiet and safe place, which helps people with communication difficulties when transmitting a problem. 


Accessibility for people with hearing difficulties: 

The application provides all the information on the screen, by visual means or text, so there are no accessibility problems in this regard. Contact with the entity's help people is also made by text. 


Cognitive accessibility: 

For victim or observer users, the application is very well focused on the objective and simplifies the steps to contact, which are properly guided. 01: One click», 02: Enter the code of the center and at point 03, ask who you want to contact. At any point, the user is explained what he can do and how to do it. 

For the entity, the dashboard is somewhat less intuitive in this sense, but the promoters of B-Resol have infographics and video tutorials as support for any adult who uses the web platform. 


Handling difficulty




  • The basic idea and the objective that the B-Resol environment fulfills is, apart from a original and unique proposal, very beneficial for youth and for various centers in the fight against bullying, harassment and mental health problems.  
  • Victims can find a safe space to tell anonymous problems that in many cases do not come to light. In addition, it allows the same for observers, giving them their corresponding responsibility to speak up and act on a bullying or mental health issue. It also promotes contact with professionals in the sector. 
  • It is an idea that covers a complex subject, but that provides a solution platform, simple and effective, without distracting from the main objective. 
  • They have expanded their support environment for mental health problems to adults, creating CO-Resol, whose functionality is the same as that of B-Resol, but the environment is focused on adults instead of youth 


Improvement points: 

  • Improve the contrast, typography or enlarge the guide titles of steps 01,02,03 of the application. 
  • Enlarge the chat icon to improve its accessibility. No more icons are missing, but those already present could be more representative, contrasting better with the titles, since they are the same white color. 
  • Adapt the acceptance of security conditions to young users by summarizing the document a little better, changing its visual appearance or ensuring that there is an adult person to resolve doubts when accepting. 



For people who are part of a center or entity in any field in which there is interaction between adults and young people, or between adults, using the B-Resol environment will provide security and peace of mind to the members. In addition, it can prevent or help manage bullying, harassment or mental health problems effectively, with respectful and safe treatment for the victim. The centers do not lose anything by using the environment and, if they use the system and there are no alerts, it may mean that the objective is being met in the best way: reducing the number of cases of harassment or inappropriate situations. 









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