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Beats Medical

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May 2018


The application "Beats Medical”Offers people with Parkinson's individualized daily mobility, speech and dexterity exercises for the symptoms of the disease.

In relation to mobility, the “Beats Medical” metronome therapy is applied. It can be configured to adapt to the person on a daily basis, providing an auditory cue or rhythm adapted to their gait. Metronome therapy has been shown to improve gait speed, stride length, and reduce freezing episodes.

The “Beats” medical app offers daily speech and language therapy exercises for people with Parkinson's. The application provides visual feedback in real time, with exercises aimed at speaking loudly and clearly.

Based on recognized dexterity exercises for Parkinson's disease, the “Beats Medical” app offers daily occupational therapy hand exercises. Skill training can help with fine hand movement problems, such as difficulty making buttons, zippers, or handwriting.

It also offers reminders of taking medication and history. The app is currently offered in English and is available on iOS.



Forms of Acquisition:

It can be purchased through the manufacturer's page:

In Apple Store:

The price of the solution is 30,4 euros / month per month and 330 euros / month annually.


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