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January 2018


Beprevent is a set of smart tags that can be related to different everyday objects. These labels, through a movement detector, allow us to know if these objects have been used. These movements are communicated to the family member or caregiver on their phone so that they can find out how a dependent person in their charge interacts with these objects. In this way, greater peace of mind is provided to the family member and greater autonomy is offered to the dependent person in the domestic environment. 

Forms of acquisition:

You can access the manufacturer's website at the following link where you can purchase the product:

To download the Android application you can access the following link:


Click on the image to download the application

Warranty and support

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on the product.

If you need support, you can contact the manufacturer at the following email or phone:

Email: Contact telephone number: 698 394 744


The price of the product in the Beprevent online store is € 247,50 VAT and shipping costs NOT included. To this amount must be added a service fee of € 4,95 / month (VAT not included)


Technical assessment:

We have tested Beprevent in the laboratory and we tell you our impressions in the following lines.

The product consists of a catwalk (equipment that facilitates communication) and the labels that will be associated with the different household objects.

The gateway consists of a small electronic equipment that includes a SIM card for mobile communications (like the one that is inserted in any mobile phone) to allow the data related to the movement of the labels to be sent. These tags communicate with the gateway using a Bluetooth wireless communication protocol.



The family member or caregiver therefore receives the information regarding the movement of the object labels on their own Smartphone through an Android application.


After this short technical introduction, we get to know the actual operation of the product.

The first impression that the product gives us as soon as we open its box is that it has a robust finish and a beautiful design.

First, we download the Android application and following the explanations that appear in said application, we connect the gateway to the electrical network through the USB power supply included in the box. The application can be downloaded from Google Play and installed easily.

To activate the labels, it is necessary to remove the protective plastic from the battery, for this, each label must be opened one by one carefully so as not to force any of the tabs that allow its subsequent closure. The labels are relatively small in size and incorporate a sticker for placement on different objects, which in the first days of use has been sufficient so that they do not come off the selected objects. Likewise, the labels incorporate a small ring for placement as a key ring in sets of keys or other similar objects.

Once the labels have been activated, they can be identified in the application by assigning a name to each different colored label. Once identified, from the application we can know the battery level of each label and know when there has been movement in each of them.


This movement in each tag produces an alert that is sent to the family member's mobile application (which does not necessarily have to be in the same address as the person moving the tagged objects). These alerts are received in the form of pop-up messages and are also recorded in a history. There may be more than one family member or caregiver associated with each dependent person in such a way that they can receive the alerts on their different mobile terminals.

There is a configurable parameter that indicates how long you want to wait to receive an alarm from the same object that previously produced an alarm. This is useful in cases where the object requires manipulation for a long period of time, such as a cane.

In general it can be said that the installation and configuration process is simple. However, the information provided in the short user manual or the configuration instructions displayed on the mobile application screen could be more extensive and detailed. We miss certain explanations regarding the configuration parameters that may be useful for a better use of the product.

Motion detection is quite accurate and sensitive. Reliability is high as there have been no test failures within an area of ​​up to 10 meters without too many obstacles. In the event that the tag cannot communicate with the gateway, it has the ability to store the motion detection data to send it once it manages to connect with it. In this way, connection losses have been detected from a distance of 15 meters from the tag to the gateway.


The application offers some useful functionalities when analyzing the information produced by the labels. You can know the percentage of use in certain periods of time, and you can set custom alarms for each tag based on its activity or inactivity. There is another function to schedule reminders such as medical appointments, but this is only intended for the family member or caregiver.


In terms of accessibility, from Orientatech we recommend labeling the application for use with screen readers for people with vision difficulties.

In short, Beprevent is an innovative and easy-to-use product. Motion detection is reliable in a distance range of about 10 meters, which makes it very useful for installation in the main rooms of the house such as the living room or kitchen. In contrast, its use may be more limited for very large homes where you want to monitor objects in all rooms.



  • Label placement versatility to identify many actions on different objects.
  • The final finish of the product is robust and stylized.
  • The reliability of the labels at distances of up to 10 meters without major obstacles.

Improvement points

  • The tags have difficulties in communicating their information from distances greater than 12 meters with obstacles or 18 without obstacles, which is not considered a major inconvenience for medium-sized homes.
  • The brief explanations provided in the manual and on the web about the configuration and functionalities of the product.
  • It is necessary to continue working on accessibility in the application.


Technical evaluation scores.

Design and manufacturing:
This section refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product.
Technical benefits:
Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution.
User experience:
This criterion is linked to the user's assessment when relating to the technical product or application.
It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical abilities.

Social valuation:

We have shared experiences in the use of the product with different user profiles.

On the one hand, our volunteers Milagros, Carmen and Manoli have evaluated the product from the perspective of an elderly user.

Aurora, an expert in caregivers, has evaluated the product from the perspective of the family member or informal caregiver in charge of a dependent person.

For Milagros, Carmen and Manoli, the use of the product is very intuitive and this simplicity is evident when, after a short period of use, the person forgets that these labels are really part of their environment. The labels are small and are easily integrated into different objects.

Being able to activate inactivity alarms creates peace of mind. For example, to be able to warn if activity is not detected again in a bathroom door after a time in which it is estimated that the person must have washed, which can reveal episodes of falls or emergencies.

One of the most valued features is the fact that you do not need to contract an internet provider for the product to work thanks to the built-in communications SIM card. It is true that this implies paying a communication fee, but it is less than the fee for hiring an internet service.

Thanks to this integrated communications SIM card, one of the preferred functionalities for volunteers is made possible. In the case of traveling in summer to another city for vacations or for short periods of time, you can take the entire kit of labels and catwalk so that it works in the same way in this new location.

The volunteers consider that the system can bring great peace of mind to both the elderly person and their families. Although they consider the price slightly high, they understand that if it manages to provide that peace of mind in the long run, it is worth buying.

For Aurora, from the point of view of her daily routine in caring for her mother, the product provides certain functionalities that give peace of mind. The labels are not intrusive and their use is very simple and not annoying in the daily routine of the elderly. However, it considers that future versions of the product should include some additional functions to the simple movement of objects, such as not only knowing if a door has moved but guaranteeing whether it is open or closed, or allowing the notification of certain situations of emergency.


Social valuation scores.

Impact and utility:
It describes to what extent the functionalities of the product are useful and impact on improving the life of the user.
Design and Ergonomics:
Assessment of how the design of the technological solution adapts to the person to achieve greater comfort and efficiency when using it.
Usability and accessibility:
Possibility of the device to be used, understood and taken advantage of under equal conditions for anyone.
Ease of acquisition:
It refers to the possibilities of accessing and acquiring a technological solution by the user.

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