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What does it consist of:

The visualization of the different menus or sections of the Android devices can be complex or an arduous task for people with visual difficulties or elderly people. To solve this problem, Big Launcher comes into play.
Big Launcher is an app focused on offering a visualization of the device's environment with the addition of a series of settings to be able to adjust the app to our needs, whose objective is to facilitate the views of the device's environment, helping the elderly or those with difficulties with vision to be able to move or access the functionalities of the mobile without problems.

Forms of acquisition:

We can download the application for free (although it has the possibility of accessing a paid version when making the purchase from the app) from the Android Play Store, since this application has been developed exclusively for this operating system. If we want to contact the developers of the app: Big Launcher on Android, through the following email Download the Android version at the following link:
Link download Big Launcher for Android

Technical assessment:

Author: Julian Maria Morejon Carmona
Date: May 2021
This interesting application offers us the possibility of having an alternative menu on our mobile device to be able to access its functionalities in a simple way, with settings that guarantee a simple display adapted to our needs of the different sections of the mobile main menu. We can say that it is a really interesting app due to the simplicity and visual improvement it provides.
In this review we will do an analysis of the app for Android devices, using Android version 9.0 in the analysis.


Next, we proceed with the detailed analysis of the application.
When we open the application for the first time we find a series of initial interfaces to make various adjustments to the app:
1. Language selection: It will allow us to choose the language in which the app will be displayed.
2. Text size: Allows us to choose the size of the text fonts in the app.
Select Text Size Interface
3. Topic selection: It allows us to choose the color of the theme that the launcher will have.
Theme Selection Interface
4. Manage call data: Allows us to choose if we want the launcher to have permissions to manage the history of calls, messages and contacts.
Call Data Management Interface
 Once we have selected our preferences in these interfaces, we will be shown the main menu of the launcher, where we can see the icons of the various functionalities of the device in a clear and concise way, as well as the time, battery status, etc...
Launcher Main InterfaceLauncher Applications InterfaceLauncher Contacts Interface
It is also worth mentioning that we can access the app settings through the 3 points located in the upper right corner of the app by selecting the preferences option. In this section we will find four main sections:
1. Principal: Includes options related to appearance, accessibility, language, etc.
2. Screens: Allows the creation of screens for the launcher and the customization of their buttons.
3. Functionality: It allows us to make various configurations regarding contacts, telephone, messages, SOS and applications.
4. Predetermined: Allows you to apply compatibility improvements, access the app manual or delete the launcher as the device's default.
Launcher Preferences Interface
It is worth mentioning that we can also make button assignments, which gives us the opportunity to change the shortcuts that are in the main menu of the launcher for the ones we want within the available options.
Launcher Settings Interface
Finally, it is important to mention that if we want to access messages or calls, the app requests the installation of additional complementary apps to be able to access these functionalities from the launcher, which can be a bit tedious or hinder the performance of the device due to the saturation of apps. running in the background, so it would be advisable to unite all the functionalities in the launcher app itself.
In summary, we are faced with a simple app at first glance but with a very broad background inside as it has a wide variety of settings and customizations to fully adapt it to our needs or difficulties, helping and fulfilling its objective more than to the great improvement and visual simplicity that it brings.


Although its target audience is all types of people with an emphasis on people with visual difficulties or older, when testing it we can see that the developers have wanted to grant accessibility to as many groups as possible by including specific accessibility options.
All these additions make the app really very accessible for various groups and together with the use of screen readers such as TalkBack or the use of screen buttons, they allow people with visual disabilities or physical disabilities a simple use and the possibility of taking advantage of the 100% app features.
In summary, the application has exquisite accessibility, with great compatibility with screen readers, truly varied accessibility options and that cover practically all the necessary accessibility aspects that an app like this needs today.


After having tested the application, we can clearly ensure that it meets its objective and that it is quite beneficial for the user, in a way that simplifies and increases the visibility of the device menu to the maximum possible. This is accompanied by extensive accessibility that will make it the favorite app for many people with various difficulties.
In summary, we are facing a well-developed app, which will help us to be able to access the functionalities of the mobile device in a very simple way, accompanied by exquisite accessibility for different groups of people. Although in order to have an exquisite functionality of it we will have to install additional apps that complement the launcher which can be a bit annoying and affect the performance of the device, being interesting that all the functionality was concentrated in the same app.


  • Integrated: the efforts of the developers to get a launcher that helps the user and that allows great customization adapted to the user's needs can be seen from minute one of use of the app.
  • Accessibility: It has multiple exclusive accessibility options that guarantee that the launcher adapts to the needs of different groups of people, one of the apps with the greatest accessibility that we can find.

Improvement points

  • Incomplete functionality: To be able to access all the functionalities from the launcher, we have to install complementary apps that can occupy a lot of memory on the device or slow them down, so concentrating all the functionality in the launcher would be an option that the user community would appreciate.


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