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What does it consist of:

August 2018


This application aims to simulate Boccia's original game in a game accessible to people with physical disabilities with a high level of functional impairment. Boccia is a sport similar to petanque and its digital version allows you to play with the device's touch screen and Bluetooth and OTG buttons. 

Bocciapp has been developed by Vodafone Spain Foundation, with the advice and collaboration of Aspace Confederation, Space Zaragoza y University of Oviedo Foundation 

The Bocciapp application is free and accessible for people with reduced mobility thanks to the application "AmiScopeGames Adapter”, Which allows the configuration of pushbuttons for use in mobile applications. The implementation of the application has been carried out by the Wildbit company.


Forms of Acquisition:

The Vodafone Spain Foundation application is free and downloadable through Google Play. It has more than 5.000 downloads and its last update was in 2016.

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