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July 2020

Body Planet is an educational project, based on Augmented Reality (AR) that aims for children to learn anatomy and the functioning of the human body, in a playful and close way. Being based on AR technology, it allows you to create digital environments in images and real objects, connecting them together. This makes it easier to learn the concepts associated with the real world.

The Body Planet didactic proposal is divided into two options: Body Planet Magic T-shirt more designed for the home environment, and Body Planet Amparo Doll, a solution adapted for collective learning in school classrooms.

The operation of the t-shirt is very simple, since it consists only of the garment and an app, free to download, that scans the image of the t-shirt and shows the parts of the body on the screen. The version of the t-shirt includes the systems and organs of the trunk part.

Once the app is downloaded, it can be used without an Internet connection.

In relation to the complete solution of Body Planet for the Classrooms, it is based on a magnetic doll with 9 magnetized pieces that are placed on it and that have content to reproduce with a linked app. Educational content is displayed in this innovative way, thanks to 3D animation and augmented reality technologies



Body Planet is becoming an increasingly widespread solution in the school environment and one of the most recommended in terms of examples of educational apps based on Augmented Reality. Among the most outstanding recognitions, we can name the following: winner of the SEK Lab Awards 2017, “el chupete” Award for the 10 Best apps for children. 2018 and SIMO Education Award 2017.

We recommend you visit their website and explanatory videos of the project 😉

Forms of acquisition:

Complementary products can be purchased from the product website: Body Planet T-shirt and Amparo Doll:

The application body planet for smartphones and tablets compatible with the T-shirt is available for iOS and Android for free:

Link to Google Play

The Body planet app for smartphones and tablets compatible with the Amparo doll is available for iOs for free:

Link to Google Play


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