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Deaf-Blind Communicator

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August 2018


DeafBlind Communicator offers the opportunity for people who are blind, deaf, deafblind, and people with limited vision or hearing, to communicate with each other. It offers various modes, mainly based on oral language.

The deaf person mode allows you to convert from voice to text and vice versa, as well as having access to common phrases or words and the Sign Language dictionary.

With the blind person mode, it is possible to make calls and send SMS through voice commands and the dictation of incoming messages. The most relevant aspects of this mode are the SOS buttons, to send an alarm to the contact persons and the "my current address" button, to find out where the person is at that moment.

The characteristics associated with the deafblind person mode, unify the characteristics of both, and also include two quite ingenious and useful specifications for these profiles: writing sentences by tapping on the screen and converting incoming messages into vibration sequences.

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Deaf-Blind Communicator can be downloaded from GooglePlay:  

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