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August 2018


DILSE is a Spanish Sign Language (LSE) dictionary, developed by the Vodafone Spain Foundation with the knowledge and experience of the CNSE Foundation.

It is an application focused on learning LSE and that allows quick and easy access to more than a thousand definitions. It shows the correspondence between words and the most common signs of everyday life. 

The CNSE Foundation is an organization with a long tradition in the elaboration of Spanish sign language dictionaries and they are the ones that have contributed with the help of deaf experts and interpreters the contents. 


Warranty and support

Through the website you can find out more details and the contact of the developer, Vodafone Spain Foundation is as follows: http://www.fundacionvodafone. en/contact 


Free Download

Forms of acquisition:

The application can be purchased for Android devices in the PlayStore:   

Technical assessment:


  • Very easy and intuitive to use, as soon as you install the application, you can start using it without registration or registration.
  • Allows you to save “favorite” words for quick access to them
  • It is very useful for someone who is learning

Improvement points:

  • It would be essential to expand the vocabulary with verbs and words more common for the person who uses it.
  • Incorporate categories to make the search faster.


Design and manufacturing:

In relation to the design of the application, we highlight that in its development, utility in the design and the simplicity to install and start it up: it is not necessary to register or register.

To install it, we only have to access the Android Play Store, search for DILSE and download it from there. The application was developed by Fundación Vodafone Spain in 2014 and has more than 10.000 downloads.


Word download screen

Once downloaded, the application icon will appear in the menu and we can start using it.


The technical support offered by the Vodafone Foundation is through its email and as a complement to the improvement of the application from the CNSE website from where DILSE is advertised, an evaluation questionnaire is offered: http: //


User experience:

The initial screen of the application shows the list of words available in the dictionary alphabetically. The list can be scrolled up and down the menu via the swipe of the finger or with a push button.

Dictionary of words

The application also has a side menu, from which you can directly access the words of a specific letter.

List of words with direct access by letter

An appreciable issue, we have found being able to identify those most common words, and include them in a list of "Favorites", to allow easier access to them:

Image of words «Favorites»

The operation of the application is very simple, once the word has been selected, the screen opens where the video is shown where it is interpreted in LSE and the textual definition:


Video in LSE and textual description of the word


The developer of the application, Fundación Vodafone España, has numerous accessible applications that aim to be quick and easy help for people with disabilities or the elderly. They can be accessed on its website: /accessible-apps


Technical Features:

The operation of the application is fast and stable. You need to be connected to the Internet to view the video shown on LSE.

It can be installed on Android devices and works with OS versions 2.2 and later.



Vodafone Spain Foundation has put special focus on this aspect, offering an inclusive application for deaf people and people with different technical abilities. The potential user of the DILSE application that we value from Orientatech, is a person in the learning phase of the LSE or, a signatory who needs a dictionary such as that of the Royal Spanish Academy, with access to definitions in Spanish Sign Language.



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Social valuation:

The DILSE application has been validated for two months in a Samsung J7 terminal and the tests have been carried out during the basic summer training of FESORCAM on Spanish Sign Language.  

The impressions in this scenario have been very positive, the usefulness of the dictionary has been highly valued and the outstanding factor of DILSE is its portability in a mobile application that you can have installed on any Android phone. 

In parallel to this validation, other Sign Language dictionary platforms have been identified, such as the web sematoes or the youtube channel of LSE Easy, which have more definitions and linguistic structures than DILSE. 

After social validation, we can clarify that the list of words remains limited, and it would be essential to expand it in order to maintain its usefulness. Another aspect that would be valuable is being able to download the most useful videos or those highlighted as favorites on the mobile phone. 


Photographs of Ana validating the DILSE application


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Design and Ergonomics:
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Usability and accessibility:
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