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August 2018


eNest is a mobile personal security solution, allowing the user to be located at all times, and in case of being in an emergency situation, they can access fast and efficient help. The manufacturer's website is no longer available, but full product details can be found at: It has two elements: a locator device and an ergonomic silicone bracelet. They are connected to each other through wireless radio frequency technology Several bracelets can be associated to the same device, only having one operational at a time.

The bracelet provides access to the alarm button in case the user is involved in an emergency situation. There are many situations in which it is impossible to locate the device in a pocket, purse, etc., so the bracelet greatly facilitates access to the desired help.

Users, family members and caregivers will have access to a protected platform, in which the characteristics of eNest can be configured, their personalization and adaptation to the profile of the person who carries it. Additionally, it is possible to monitor the device to know its most recent activity, or to define a location area. All alarms and incidents will be reflected on the platform, for better monitoring and greater control. At any time, their relatives or close people can access the platform to check their location, and view any alarms that have occurred.


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The price of this device is around 226,5 euros and can be purchased at: More information is available by email or by phone:    

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