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Train your brain

Train your brain

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What does it consist of:

As the years go by, exercising our brain and memory becomes more important, to meet that need to exercise our neurons and stimulate our mind, this fantastic app appears.
It is an application that presents us with an interesting collection of games, very varied and fun, that will help entertain us while exercising our mind. In case this sounds like a little, it is also developed designed so that it can be used without problems that do not have great technological skills.

Forms of acquisition:

We can download the application for free from both the Android Play Store and the IOs AppStore, since this application has been developed for both operating systems. If we want to contact the app developers: Senior Games on Android and Tellmewow on IOs, we can do so through the following email: for the Android version and this email: for the Android version. IOs.   Download the Android version at the following link:
Link download Train your Brain for Android
Download the iOS version at the following link:
Download link Train your Brain IOs

Technical assessment:

Author: Julian Maria Morejon Carmona
Date: March 2021
This complete application is intended to improve or train our mental abilities with various well-designed and varied games that will make us enjoy while we train our brain. Although it can be used by anyone for its design, they have especially thought of the elderly.
In this review we will do an analysis of the app, both for devices with Android and IOs, because it is available in both operating systems, using Android version 9.0 and version 13.4.1 in IOs in the analysis.


Next, we proceed with the detailed analysis of the application.
When we open the application for the first time after having installed it, an interface will appear with a collection of various available games that cover different possibilities of training our mind. Some games will appear with a lock, specifically 2 only, in order to access them we should purchase the paid version for € 2,49, which in turn removes the ads in the app.
When opening each game for the first time, a tutorial on how to play will appear, very well explained. If we want to be able to view the tutorial again we can access it as many times as we want through the icon located in the upper right corner with the question mark. If once in the game we want to return to the main interface, just select the icon with the house located in the upper left corner.
Tutorial example of a game
Among the games available for free we find the following types: Puzzles, Unknown Objects, Find Differences, Word Search, Find Intruder, Color Words, Right Side.
Example of some of the games available in the app
As we can see, the number of games is quite large, ensuring hours of entertainment and that games are not burdensome in the long term due to its great variety, which makes the application worthwhile.
On the other hand, the app has a settings option, where we can select the language of the app among 10 languages ​​and activate or deactivate the sound of it. Finally, in the main menu of the app in the bottom bar we will have 3 complementary options. 
App Settings menu
These options are:
- Rate: if we want to give a score to the app. 
- More games: gives us access to a catalog of apps with various game themes and also aimed at the elderly. 
- Remove Ads: gives us access to the payment of € 2,49 to unlock the two games and remove the ads from the app.
If we summarize, the application is very remarkable in the field of mobile games for the elderly and will offer a great mental training for this group, benefiting their health and abilities.


Being its main target audience, the elderly have adaptations for this group with very large and easy-to-see icons, complemented by tutorials in each game that perfectly explain how it works. 
However, the fact that it has been developed with older people in mind does not make the app unusable by other groups. For example, screen readers recognize the content of the app, allowing people with vision difficulties to use it without problems.
Also people with other disabilities could use it without much problem with the necessary adaptations, such as the use of screen buttons in the case of people with physical disabilities in the upper extremities
Finally, we comment that, although the application can be used by different groups of people, some native accessibility options are missing, such as being able to increase the size of the elements in games. The inclusion of a native option in the app would have been an interesting boost in its accessibility.


After having enjoyed using this application, we confirm that it is a good option to train our brain and have fun. In addition, you can see the effort put into developing it with our elders in mind, through a simple and well-designed interface accompanied by very complete tutorials that can be viewed multiple times. 
In short, the application is quite complete and easy to use, it also contains a wide variety of games to choose from, although some specific accessibility option may be missing in the app, although the app is accessible, but some option for this type to increase its accessibility.


  • Variety: Without a doubt, it is the strongest point of this app, it has a fairly wide catalog of games and all of them are very entertaining.
  • Localization in multiple languages: The app is translated into 10 different languages ​​which allows it to cover a very large community of users.

Improvement points

  • Accessibility optionAlthough the app is accessible using the features included in the devices or making adaptations, a specific option within the app to increase accessibility would be quite positive.


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