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November 2018


The application "I'm here" available for Android phones, allows you to send your location easily. This is very useful for blind people or people with disabilities who use this type of application to convey their location to a contact. It is a particular initiative of Carlos H. Ruiz, and for more information you can contact: It has more than 10.000 downloads and its last update was this year.


Forms of Acquisition:

Free download via:



Technical verification:

  • Simplicity.
  • Labeling suitable for screen readers.
Improvement points:
  • Improve information on whether you have a valid position.
  • Translate the texts that appear in English.
  • Avoid accidentally changing the location.
 "Here I am" is a very basic application with a very specific functionality, to be able to send your location. This is very useful for blind people or people with disabilities who use this type of application to convey their location to a contact. When you open the application, a map appears in which the location is reflected and a button to share the location in which it sends a link to Google Maps through the application of your choice, such as email, whatsapp, etc. In case the position is not precise enough we can move our position to the exact point where we are. For blind people this can be more of a disadvantage than an advantage as, without being aware, you could shift the position. Main screen Location sharing screen The application does its job but there are certain aspects, such as the menu to stop the application in English or the way to report if it has a valid position, that bring the application closer to a beta version than to a commercial application Regarding accessibility, the application is correctly labeled for screen readers. There are already very widespread applications such as WhatsApp, which allow among their options to send your location, even share it in real time, so applications such as I am Here will be useful especially to those who are looking for an application for specific use to send their location. The tests have been carried out with a mobile phone with Android 8.0 operating system.    
  • Design and manufacturing: 2 5 on.
    Refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
  • User experience: 3 5 on.
    This criterion is linked to the user's assessment of the product or application
  • Technical benefits: 3 5 on.
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  • Accessibility: 3 5 on.
    It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical capabilities.

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