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What is it about:

November 2020

EVA Facial Mouse PRO is an application that facilitates the use of smartphones and tablets for people with movement difficulties, since it allows to handle the device through head movements. 

The application only needs an internet connection to download it, once this process is finished it can be used in offline mode. 

There is no such user guide as with Ease Mouse and Ease Touch, however if you install the application the wizard integrated in it will guide you to show the actions that can be carried out and how they are carried out.

Forms of acquisition:

The application is free and can be downloaded through Google Play for Android systems with version 7.0 or higher from the following link:

Link acceder a descargar EVA Facial Mouse Pro en Google Play

As indicated on their website in the frequently asked questions section, the license is associated with a Google account, so if you change your mobile while maintaining the Google account, you will not the license is lost.

Technical verification:

Installation and activation 

After having downloaded the application, the screen where you must accept the end user license agreement opens. 

By clicking on it, you can access and read its content.


The next step is to verify the prerequisites: 


-Voice commands (Optional)

EVA Pro requisites (1)EVA Pro requisites (2)

Those requirements that have already been completed appear with a green tick and those that remain to be completed appear with a red cross, and it will be necessary to access from the pop-up window button and grant permission. In this case the necessary permissions are: 

-Permission to show on other applications. 

-Permission to use the camera.

Permission to use the camera

-Activate the accessibility service: The phone's accessibility tab will open, sliding vertically downward to access the service area, there you select EVA Facial Mouse PRO and activate it. When activated, the application asks for permissions to: 

-Control your actions. 

-Recover window content. 

-Activate tactile exploration. 

-Make gestures.

EVA Pro permissions

Operation and configuration 

If this is the first time this service is used, the application offers to open the configuration assistant. The steps that are being configured are:

Configuration assistant

-Positioning: When the box is green, the application will have detected the face and you must press next.


-Adjustment of sensitivity: Depending on the mobility with the head that the user of the application has, sensitivity can be adjusted. Once the four corners are green, click on next.

Sensitivity setting

If you are satisfied with the settings, go on to configure the advanced settings, and you can modify the settings made later. 

Advanced settings: Within these settings are: 

-Smooth movement: It serves to reduce the shake of the pointer. You can choose between low, default, high, and very high.

Smooth movement

-Motion threshold: Stops the pointer when the movement is below the threshold. You can choose between low, default, high, very high, and huge.

Motion threshold

-Acceleration value: Makes the pointer faster for large face movements. You can choose between low, default, high, and very high. 

-Touch: It will be necessary to stop the pointer for a moment to execute a click. Once done, the application notifies you and clicks next. 

-Long press

Long press

-Scroll: This gesture is used to slide surfaces vertically or horizontally to continuously move through content. 

-Scroll buttons: Deprecated since Android 7. 

-Slide: This gesture is used to slide elements and move surfaces. It is faster than scrolling.

Slide EVA Pro

-Zoom: To zoom in and out the content you can use the pinch gesture. 

-Double tap: To zoom in or out the content.

Double touch

-Actions menu: The actions menu gives access to some functions such as back, start, glance, open the status bar or toggle the sleep mode. 

-Action menu type: You can choose between a full screen menu or a docked menu.


Once all these settings have been configured and tested, the configuration is finished and you can start using EVA Facial Mouse PRO. 

If you also want to be able to use voice commands, it will be necessary to grant the permissions to record audio. And it will only be necessary to activate the voice commands. 

NOTE: Notifications and other sounds are muted while voice commands are active. 

As before, if it is the first time that voice commands are used, the application offers you to open the voice commands reference.

 Voice command references

In addition, by accessing the EVA PRO settings tab from the 3-point button, you can modify the movement settings, click settings, camera, voice commands or available actions. The version of the application being used is also available in the help section. Some of these options may not display the entire sentence, so you can activate the screen rotate function (usually on the phone's notification screen) to be able to view them.

Tests performed

To analyze and evaluate the application, a series of tests have been carried out to verify its operation. The tests have been carried out on a Samsung Galaxy S8 device (Android 8.0.0) with version 4.0.4. 

Functionality tests 

To use the application on the device, it has been necessary to install it through the Play Store. 

Once the application is installed, when you start it for the first time, the application needs to be granted different permissions as mentioned above.

Usability testing 

These tests are intended to measure the possibilities of the application to be understood by the user. In this case, use it to manage an Android device. 

The application is very simple to use, and the menu, although it is very simple, can be configured with the help of another person, not being necessary to access it every time the application is used, if not only when you want to make changes in the chosen options. Being simple to use, if the application is uninstalled at some point the simplicity of the interface makes it very easy to remember how it works. 

Compared to effectiveness, whenever the application is activated, the movement of the pointer/click occurs with the movements of the head. As noted before, the application is simple to use, although it is necessary to adjust the sensitivity well and reduce tremors so that movements can be carried out without complications. 

Regarding portability, EVA Facial Mouse PRO works only on Android devices whose version is equal to or higher than 7.0. 

Considering this analysis, it can be affirmed that the product has good usability with respect to the objective mentioned above.

Accessibility tests 

In this section, different criteria have been applied to assess whether the application can be used regardless of the capabilities of the user. 

Cognitive accessibility - The buttons found in the menu come with an indication of what they can do, for example, the backward key comes with the word back, the screen scrolling key comes with the word scroll , etc. In addition, from the menu you can configure the size of the cursor, the type of menu and even the course of the pointer (accepts .cur files) 

Accessibility for people with reduced vision - People with reduced vision can use this application through voice commands, although it is true that this is intended to be a complement to the application and not the way to operate it. 

Accessibility for people with hearing difficulties - People with hearing difficulties can use the application without any problem, since there is no content in the form of video or audio, except for the clicks that occur after performing a function on the voice command mode (it is not necessary to hear that click to develop a correct operation). 

Physical accessibility - This application is intended for people with movement difficulties, which makes it completely accessible in this field.

Reliability tests 

These tests are intended to verify if the application has errors that do not allow it to perform its functions. 

During the days that the application was tested, no notable or critical failure was detected in its operation. 

Privacy & Security

Regarding privacy and security of the application, no data is required, but it is necessary to grant some permissions to the application, such as camera, audio recording, etc. 

For voice command settings (optional), you must have the Google application installed and grant Google permission to record audio.


It is an interesting application for people with difficulties with movement, manipulation, etc., who cannot use a touch screen. 

By fixing some details you can become an application with much greater usability and effectiveness. 

Regarding privacy, if you want to activate voice commands, it will be necessary to allow Google to record audio. 


  • The application has extensive configuration options in which it evaluates the user's sensitivity in their movements, minimization of tremors, etc., which allows it to be adapted to the user.
  • The screen is not locked when using EVA, so a caregiver / family member can tap on it while it is being used.
  • When using voice commands, each action is assigned a word, but this can be changed and assigned the word you want.

Improvement points

  • The use of this application has a high battery consumption.
  • When it offers you the voice command assistant, it only opens the screen with the phrases that can be said (voice command assistant) the first time and what they mean. From the tab of the three points you can access this reference and use it without problem. They intend to incorporate in future versions the option of offering the voice assistant once more than the first time.
  • When the voice command reference is going to be used, if the volume is not active, the click of this activation cannot be heard, so the application could raise the volume to the maximum when activating this function or notify with a notification so that the user can upload it. Regarding volume, when using voice commands, the application deactivates the volume of notifications and when you stop using voice commands, the volume of notifications is muted and not in the configuration that was initially had. They intend to review this point for future versions.
  • When using the voice command, you can indicate by voice that you want to perform the movement function, however, to perform the specific movement (up, down, etc.) it cannot be done by voice. The intention of the creators of the application is that the voice commands perform a complementary function and not that everything is done by voice (there are already other apps for this), even so it may be available in future versions.
  • Design and manufacturing: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
  • User Experience: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    This criterion is linked to the user's assessment of the product or application
  • Technical features: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution
  • Accessibility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical capabilities

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