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May 2018 Eye Tribe software allows visual monitoring of computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, allowing web browsing and application use, without hands or peripherals to interact. This eye tracking system allows users to use the interfaces of different Operating Systems, from a rapid calibration of the location of the head of the person who is preparing to handle it. Its manufacturers propose the incorporation of this software in the products, allowing to extend this alternative of access to technology to more applications . An example implementation is EyeProof, an application that analyzes the gaze of a user on an application to publish a "heat map" of the areas where it is most fixed, and an example of compatibility for the field of people with cerebral palsy is the Gazespeaker. The Eye Tribe enables eye control on computers and mobile devices by combining it with existing means of control such as touch, tilt and keys to enhance mobile user experiences. The software is priced at $ 99. For more information visit:

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