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June 2019

App and Web Application to search for qualified caregivers for the elderly and dependents,

Access to the search for professionals is done through the physical location and the date on which the service is required. According to these basic requirements, the available caregivers are shown with their data, experience, price per hour and opinions of other users.

This search engine offers a filter according to the needs of the user according to the type of care required: personal hygiene, hygiene, children, companionship, light tasks, transportation, and special care.

Registration for users is very simple, they only need to fill in some personal information about the needs and care required. The payment of the service is made when making the reservation of the caregiver, by credit card and the price of the caregivers is between 9 and 20 euros per hour approximately.

In relation to the caregivers and are selected according to their experience. The web services include Civil Liability Insurance with AXA.

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On the web It has a section on the web for help, where the ways to contact support are shown:


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