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What is it about:

Familyar is a mobile application that helps to avoid loneliness and social isolation of the elderly, helping them to keep in touch with their family, friends and social environment, through video calls, sending messages, day to day management, etc. In addition, this application brings peace of mind to caregivers by knowing that the elderly are cared for at all times and connected in an easy and safe way with the professionals and services they need for the care and well-being of the elderly person. This mobile platform for smartphones and tablets, intuitive to use (to make a video call or send a message is enough to select the image of the recipient), is expressly designed for older people and allows better communication between entities, the elderly and their family offering a comprehensive and proactive care and favoring active aging. And all this with the advantage of facilitating preventive care, which reduces the demand for health services. 

Forms of acquisition:

The application for the elderly is available for Tablet on Google Play:

In the case of family members, the smartphone app is available for Android and iOS:

The information about the company can be found at: and the direct contact:


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