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April 2018


Feelif is a technological innovation that creates reliefs on touch screens, so that blind or visually impaired people can feel or interact with shapes and images.

The system is very simple, since it is only a grid with holes that is placed on top of the screen of a Tablet and that works with a custom application compatible with the device. The grille allows the user to orient themselves within the screen, leaving small holes that will allow the user to make contact with the touch screen. The application works with vibrations and sounds that indicate to the user where everything is on the screen.

Feelif allows you to learn braille writing, learn languages, read stories, write, learn about geometric figures, read and write scores, play games and even draw.

A unit of the complete device, grid, Tablet, storage card and software, is priced at 2499 Euros. It includes two educational applications and two games, plus several demo applications.

Feelif was proclaimed the best social innovation in Europe in the European Social Innovation Competition 2017. For more information, visit the page:


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