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November 2018
Ariadne GPS is an application, available on iOS, that offers the possibility of knowing the position of the terminal that has it installed and obtaining information about the street, the number, etc., as well as exploring the map of what surrounds it. An added value of great interest of this GPS is that the interaction with the application is through "speech", that is, it will interact with a spoken map. The user can scroll within the map by scrolling with their finger, and things in front of you are shown on the top half of the screen and things behind you are on the bottom half of the screen.
This app also has other useful features that can help you walk or travel by bus, train, etc. And if favorite points are added to the application database, you can be alerted when you get closer than a certain distance from one of them. This application is fully accessible via VoiceOver and gives you access to information that is not normally available to people who use the speech synthesizer and therefore can be especially useful for the blind and visually impaired.

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The application can be purchased through iTunes:

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The download price of the application is € 5,99 and within the application there may be specific purchases.

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