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What does it consist of:

Hablam is a web platform in which several people can contact each other through messages or video calls in order to combat unwanted loneliness or isolation.

Forms of acquisition:

In order to access the platform service or contact the people responsible for any questions, it is necessary to create an account in it through the following link:

In the case of wanting to contact those responsible, after entering the previous link you will access the "Contact" section that we will find at the bottom of the page and fill in the corresponding form.

We can find more information regarding the origin, operation or articles of interest in the blog that Hablam has, whose link is the following:

Technical assessment:

January 2022

Once the account is created, we must complete our profile by supplying data related to our tastes, availability and a short description so that we can find people like us.

After this we will access the main page

The image shows the main interface after accessing Hablam, in which we find some recommended profiles and some user options.

As we can see, it has a simple and striking interface in which the different users can be differentiated. They have a small description that allows us to know something about them.

This facilitates interaction with the environment and with people, since it allows us to establish communication based on our preferences and in a way in which the search is not complicated.

That is, navigation through the web is simple because you just have to press the arrow located on the right side to view the different recommended profiles, use the search engine offered by the platform or use the panel “Who do you want to talk to today? ? " that in addition to the aforementioned, gives you access to the conversation log and your favorite contacts.

In this image we can see the user search interface in which there are different fields to fill in.


In this way, the establishment of contact with other people is more precise, comfortable and friendly.

The platform also has an options panel that corresponds to the icon with four squares in the upper right part as seen in the first image of the interface.

The image shows the different user options available on the platform.


We can see that it has multiple information options in which you can consult how to use the platform, frequently asked questions and even help videos related to the page.

In this way, emphasis is placed on facilitating the user experience, since it makes available to people all the relevant information related to doubts that may arise in the navigation or the purpose of the platform, highlighting how to use it or providing ideas about what speak in conversations.

This information can help users to lose certain prejudices that they may have when talking to strangers, since it shows that there are more people in their situation or with whom they share hobbies.

Regarding the conversations interface, if we access the message icon in the upper right part we will access a record of them.

The image shows the record of the conversations we have had or continue to have.


As can be seen, it is a simple interface with comfortable interaction in which the functionalities it offers are clear, such as sending a message or making a video call.

In this image we can see how a video call looks.


It is important to note that video calls start with the camera on by default, which can be uncomfortable in certain cases depending on the person.

However, deactivating this is not complicated since it is enough to press the button corresponding to the camera.

It should be noted that it also does not have an indicator of the duration of the call, which means that users are not pending or feel conditioned by the time that the conversation lasts and allows greater enjoyment of it.

Likewise, it should be mentioned that messages cannot be sent during the video call, so in some situations in which it is required to share certain data of interest, such as a link to a page or some other information, it may be communication complicated.

It is also striking that no type of multimedia can be shared, which can make the conversation somewhat flat. Although it is understandable since there may be people who share undesirable things.

In this situation, the platform allows us to give our opinion about the corresponding user, consult the opinions given about the user in question and the ability to block it if necessary, which makes communication with people more secure.

A box is displayed that offers us to leave an opinion regarding the conversation with another user.You can view the profile of a user and interaction options such as viewing opinions about him.


In the same way, we can consult the opinions of other users about us.

Image showing the opinions received by other users.



It is important to mention that Hablam is not a platform oriented to a single group, in fact, the objective is that anyone can meet people with whom to share a conversation and combat the problem that causes unwanted loneliness.

Taking this into account, in terms of accessibility we can find the following points:

  • The platform has a simple interface in which we can find different options that provide information to know the environment, it facilitates its use and the understanding of the functionalities it offers.
  • In some cases, the contrast of white letters on light backgrounds can complicate the reading of the messages.
  • It is possible to increase the size of the letters by enlarging the screen zoom with the combination of “control” and “+” buttons. This does not happen if you use a mobile device, unless we change the view to "computer view".
  • The use of Talkback, when using a mobile device, is inefficient since it has several unlabeled buttons.


In general terms, we find a platform with a very interesting objective such as bringing together or encouraging different types of people to share a conversation to establish new links and be able to combat unwanted loneliness.

Thus, we can find the following points of note and improvement.


  • It offers a simple interface, both for people searching and for conversations, which facilitates interaction with the environment.
  • It makes available a lot of information that helps people to solve doubts they may find, how to carry a conversation or what topics to talk about, which allows users to function in a better way and improves the user experience.
  • It has search filters that allow us to find people related to us. It is interesting that the platform itself also provides an option to suggest people to talk to based on our information.
  • The profile viewer is very attractive and dynamic, it also includes a short description of each of them that together with the photos make them more striking.
  • Each profile includes a section of opinions that can be consulted, which allows to know more about the person with whom we would like to communicate.
  • It also has a blog that provides information on loneliness in a way that helps raise awareness of this problem.

Improvement points.

  • You cannot share any media files during conversations, which can make some written conversations somewhat flat. Although it is understandable since this prevents the appearance of unwanted images or videos, however, emoticons or gifs could be implemented instead.
  • The calls start with the camera open, which can be annoying for some people, an option could be implemented that allows you to choose how to start the calls.
  • During a call or video call, the conversation cannot be accessed in writing, so it is impossible to share certain information such as links to web pages.


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