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  • Menu desplegable
  • Apartado de inicio
  • Apartado de seguidos
  • Apartado de chat
  • Apartado de categorias
  • Apartado de notificaciones
  • Apartado de perfil
  • Apartado de registro
  • Insercion de datos para el registro
  • Seleccion de categorias interesadas
  • Infografia de uso
  • Infografia de uso

What is it about:

Shoulder Friend is a social network that aims to get the user to vent by counting their problems anonymously so that others can help. But this is not its only function, since the app divides conversations into various categories that can help you understand what each user is wanting to transmit or search for.

Forms of acquisition:

The app is free to use and is available at the following links from the Google Play and App Store stores:

Enlace de descarga a google play

       Enlace de descarga a app store


There are several possibilities to contact developers:

Technical verification:

June 2020

Shoulder Friend is an application used to meet people, make friendss or count the problems that one has anonymously so that others can give advice through messages called "Reliefs".


The application has three different menus:

  • A lower one that contains the Start, Followed, and Chat
  • A top one that contains the selection of Cattachments, Notifications, a search engine, and the drop-down menu.
  • A drop-down menu that contains the Profile, Terms of Use, Contacto, and information about the version being used.

Menus de la appMenu desplegable

- Home. This is the section that is displayed when the application starts and displays a list of messages that have been posted by users who want to start a conversation. By default, messages from all categories appear, but you can filter messages to appear in the categories you want.

Apartado de inicio

- Followed. This section stores the"Reliefs"that are being followed, that is, the response thread to one of the messages that a user has published.

Apartado seguidos

- Chats. This section will display a list of conversations that are being held with the different users of the application, as if it were any instant messaging app.

Apartado chats

- Categories. In this section, as mentioned earlier, a total of 12 categories appear that help filter the messages that appear at startup. The most interesting categories for the elderly may be Friendship, Tips and Family.

Apartado categorias

- Notifications. This section will display notifications and notifications for new messages in the "Reliefs" being followed..

Apartado de notificaciones

- Menu. This menu is located at the top left and functions as a drop-down menu in which you can find the profile section (where  if you want you can add an email and configure notifications), change the theme (light or dark), terms of use and contact with developers.

Menu desplegablePerfil de usuario

Tests performed

In order to analyze and be able to carry out an evaluation of the application, a series of tests have been carried out to verify its operation. Testing was performed on a Samsung Galaxy J7 device (Android 9 Pie) with version 1.11.0 and an iPhone 6S (IOS 13.4.1) with version 1.11.0

Functionality tests

To be able to use the application on both devices it has been necessary to install it through the respective application stores of each operating system.

Once the application is installed, the home screen is displayed when you launch it and from that moment you can access all the contents of the application without having to log in to it. Even if it is not mandatory to register in order to use the application, it is interesting that an email account is linked in case it has been changed devices and you want to continue having the conversations that had been started or keep the threads of the reliefs that were being followed.

To be able to link an account in this app you have to go to the drop-down menu in the top left and click on "Profile", if you have linked an account two buttons will appear, one to log in with Facebook and one to log in with Google. Once you have selected the account that you want to use the application will show some terms of use that you will have to accept in order to continue, after accepting them is shown a form that you havetofillin selecting the genre, writing a nickname, and providing an age  (all these fields are mandatory). Finally, you will have to select the categories you are interested in.

Registroinsercion de datos para el registroSelecion de categorias para el registro

Next, we will provide two infographics that can be useful for learning how to start or continue conversations.

Infografia de uso

Infografia de uso

Usability tests

In this section we will measure the ease with which the user can use the application to achieve a specific goal, in this case is that an older person can meet people and make new friends.

The application is easy to use, although it has an interface with too many menus, with a total of 3. You could try to reduce the number of menus  to two to simplify the interface a little more.  Older people who want to use the app may have some difficulties at first when locating where all the features presented by the app are located.

The application is very easy to use and learn how to use it so you will get used to its operation quickly, the ease of use is mainly based on learning how to publish a "Relief" so that users can answer or answer one of those "Reliefs". This ease in learning usage also translates to the ease of remembering how it is used if you ever get to uninstall the application since the simplicity of the interface makes it very easy to remember what it does and offers each functionality.

As for its effectiveness, it must be said that the app is highly effective since, it is only necessary to publish a "relief" or answer one so that other users can get in touch. Further, considering that, as mentioned above, it does not require a great effort to learn how to use it it can be said that the product has a high efficiency in terms of achieving socialization with other people.

With regard to portability, Shoulder Friend works on any type of Smartphone, whether Android or iOS.

Taking into account the analysis of each of the above criteria it can be said that the product has an extremely good usability in terms of achieving the objective taking into account the use that older people will give, which is mainly  to meet new people with which to talk and share concerns..

Accessibility tests

In this section, different criteria will be applied to assess whether the application can be used regardless of the capabilities of the user.

Cognitive accessibility – As for the images and icons all of them have a description that facilitates their understanding, even the list of sections found in the drop-down menu has its icon that corresponds to each of the sections. In addition, they are reasonably sized so that they can be properly identified. Note that the description is the same size as the button icon.

Accessibility for people with reduced vision – The app does not have a settings section as such, the  más  closest you can find to it is the drop-down menu at the top  left,in it you can change the theme from light to dark, i.e. change from white background and black letters to black background and white letters. The font size cannot be changed so depending on the screen dimensions of the device being used it is possible that the words may be difficult to read, although it is possible to increase the font size in the overall settings of the device, causing it to increase in the app in turn.  To complete this accessibility section it has been decided to do some tests with the screen reader systems available from Android and IOS devices. These tests have focused on checking the correct labeling of the icons and buttons available to Amigo Shoulder. Buttons have been labeled well on all devices where the screen reader has been used,  except for the button that allows you to publish a new "Relief" that is identified with a green circular shape with a "+" sign. This happens with both Android Talkback and IOS Voice Over.  

Accessibility for people with hearing impairments – People with hearing impairments can use the app without any problem as the app does not contain any sound, except for sounds that can emit alerts displayed in the notification panel of the phone.

Reliability tests

In this section we will study whether the application has a correct functioning and has no critical failures that harm the functions of the app.

In the days that the application has been tested has not presented any outstanding or critical malfunctions in its operation.

Privacy and security

As for privacy and security the application does not provide these documents anywhere. In order to read the terms and privacy policies, you need to access the corresponding download stores (Google Play or App Store).


Generally speaking, the application works correctly, no critical failure has been detected that has impaired its operation. As for the use that will be given to it goes this app you can say that it contributes in a splendid way to mitigate the state of solitude that many older people suffer by providing them with the means to meet new people, even anonymously, to be able to talk to them.

The main positive point that the app has is that, being a social network that you have to connect to anonymously, you do not need to log in with any email, although, as mentioned above, it is possible to add one if you want. Another positive point you have is the ease with which you can start conversations of any topic, because just by posting a message on the global plank it provides, there is already a chance that someone can respond and start talking to that person.

Finally, it should be noted that to be able to use this application you need an internet connection, either via a Connection via Wi-Fi or via mobile data.


  • It helps excellently to mitigate the effect of loneliness among older people.
  • It helps older people meet new people with their own tastes.
  • You do not have to sign in to use the app.

Improvement points

  • You might consider changing some sections of site to decrease the number of menus in the app.
  • You could study the possibility to change the icon of the drop-down menu to that of a gear, which is always related to the application settings.
  • Design and manufacturing: 3 sobre 5(3/5)
    Refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
  • User Experience: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    This criterion is linked to the user's assessment of the product or application
  • Technical features: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution
  • Accessibility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical capabilities

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