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September 2019


The company humantiks, is a company focused on the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality content. Its team is multidisciplinary in nature, made up of sociologists, doctors and technologists specialized in serious games for the areas of education, training and health. Their products are technically implemented for Oculus Go.

They develop tailor-made products, highlighting the complete development chain of a video game: ideation, technology, design, development, validation and business model.

Within Orientatech, we especially wanted to highlight the MomentosVR product, which are interactive Immersive Virtual Reality experiences to promote emotional well-being in people. They are based on relaxation techniques and neurolinguistic programming to help the person cope with complicated situations, such as solutions focused on cancer patients, or people with work stress.



Forms of acquisition:

The details about the possibilities of financing and acquisition of the terminals, can be sent through:

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Frank del Aguila Espejo (Barcelona). phone: +34 609.72.74.38 Email:

Luis Miguel Aras Portilla (Donosti). phone: +34 687.27.38.74 Email:

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