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What does it consist of:

Communicating with people who are at risk of exclusion, who have various difficulties in their day to day for various reasons (illnesses, stress, fatigue, etc.) can be vitally important support for these people, to improve their health and help them to overcome these difficulties.
JoinTalk is an instant messaging application dedicated to connecting all these people with illnesses, difficulties, problems or belonging to different groups with others interested in helping or encouraging them through messages, whether they are their caregivers or outsiders. Being an app that forms an interesting social network with an emotional aspect, because there is not a great variety of applications with these characteristics or objective functionality.

Forms of acquisition:

We can download the application for free (although it is a paid subscription service, offering us a free trial month) from both the Android Play Store and the IOs AppStore, since this application has been developed for both operating systems. If we want to contact the developers of the app: Join Talk on Android and IOs, through the following email for both the Android version and the IOs version.
Download the iOS version at the following link:
Link download JoinTalk IOs
It is currently not available on the Play Store.

Technical assessment:

Author: Julian Maria Morejon Carmona
Date: May 2021
This innovative and unique application allows the connection between people with illnesses, difficulties or special needs, with other people, whether they are caregivers or people interested in their help or support disinterestedly, which highlights the great character as a social and emotional network that contemplates the app and the great benefit it can bring to society.
In this review we will do an analysis of the app for devices with Android and IOs, using Android version 9.0 and version 13.4.1 in IOs in the analysis.


Next, we proceed with the detailed analysis of the application.
When we open the application for the first time we find an interface to create our user profile of the app, in which we will be asked for various information about ourselves to create a profile as complete as possible. Once we have filled in the necessary data, we will be allowed a free subscription to the app for 1 month, so that we can check the functionality and usefulness that the app offers us.
Once the profile is created, we can access the various sections of the app:
- Home: It allows us to view the various users that are part of the app platform, as well as a description of each one, so that we can contact the person we want according to our objective or need. You can also filter the people that appear according to various filters that we select.
App Home Interface
- Conversations: It shows us the conversations that we have active and gives us the option of being able to add friends to members of the application, as well as search conversations according to the user's name.
Conversations Interface
- My Profile: It allows us to configure the data or options of the profile that we have created in the application.
User Profile Interface
As we observed, the operation of the application is very simple, even more than other instant messaging applications, but in this case that does not mean that the quality or usability of the app is poor, but on the contrary, it allows it to be easily used by more users due to its easy handling.
Also add that it allows us to carry out very deep filters regarding the type of users that we want to locate in the app, allowing us to choose a wide variety of filters when searching for people.
User Filtering Interface
In summary, we are faced with a simple app that goes straight to the point of its functionality, which consists of creating an emotional social network to connect people with others to help each other in a selfless way. The app has a simplicity that allows people without great experience or with difficulties to cope with technologies to learn how to use it easily. Coupled with the fact that it is developed for both IOs and Android because it completely encompasses the entire user community.


Being its target audience all kinds of people, when testing it we can consider that it does not have great accessibility apart from its easy handling, which makes it possible for people from different groups such as our elders or mild cognitive disabilities to use it, therefore, its accessibility. it is quite scarce for other types of groups.
If a visually impaired person wants to use the app, they may have serious difficulties since screen readers like TalkBack have difficulty recognizing messages and various features of the app.
In the case of physical disability in the upper extremities, the user could use the app using screen buttons without much problem.
In summary, the application does not have a very wide accessibility, it would be great if compatibility with screen readers were improved or accessibility options such as sound reproduction or vibration were added, as well as the possibility of adjusting the font size, the accessibility of the app would be significantly increased.


After having tested the application, it is confirmed that it adequately meets its objective of communicating to people with diseases, problems or difficulties with other interested parties, such as caregivers, in altruistically helping people who need it, it also has a range wide of users so it will not be difficult to find someone suitable to the needs of each user, creating a great emotional social network.
In summary, we find an interesting application, which will help communicate people with diseases, problems or belonging to different groups, with others interested in helping them, in addition the app is easy to use, although it lacks great accessibility that would be beneficial to improve for the community.


  • Simplicity: Starting to use the app is really fast so that any user can start using the application almost immediately.
  • Operating Systems: It is developed for both Android and IOs so it provides access to the entire user community.

Improvement points

  • Accessibility: Although the app, due to its simplicity, is quite accessible for, for example, elderly people, specific accessibility options are missing that would be useful if they added them, as well as improving the labeling of the app to improve the experience when using screen readers .



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