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November 2018


The “LIBRES” application is a tool aimed primarily at women who suffer or have suffered gender violence and anyone who detects a possible situation of abuse in their environment. Includes call to 016 and testimonials from battered women. It is an initiative of the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality. 



"FREE" is free and compatible with IOS and Android operating systems. It is a confidential application and it has been designed so that it remains hidden in the menu of the phone in such a way that no one else, except herself, knows that she has an application on gender violence.

Through a main menu made up of six sections, the person who downloads "FREE" can:

  • become aware of your situation as a victim of gender violence
  • learn about the steps to follow in a situation of gender violence
  • know the telephone and face-to-face resources that are available to you to advise and report
  • know the self-protection measures you can and should take to safeguard your safety and that of your children
  • And, finally, you can feel that the whole of society is by your side, that other women have gone through the same situation and have managed to get out and start a new life away from violence.





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The free application can be purchased at GooglePlay and at the Apple Store: 

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