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SENDA locator

SENDA locator

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October 2018


The locator TRACK It is a geolocatable SOS device that connects to the mobile phones of family members allowing them to receive key information to reinforce the security of those loved ones who need help (geographical location and route, fall detection, SOS warning, security zones, etc.)

The device carried by the elderly is geolocatable and has an SOS help button, with total autonomy and a "hands-free" function that is connected to their relatives' mobile phones. Family members or caregivers keep track of their activity through a mobile application. For the elderly it means an increase in greater mobility with security, since they can use it in an emergency, as well as peace of mind for their family members or caregivers since, in a single glance at the mobile, they can know where they are, program alerts, call them, and in short, to be more connected with them.

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Phone: + 34951239313


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