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November 2019
Meditation Game a mobile application that offers an interactive experience that aims to relax you and enter a more meditative state. Its format and idea is quite simple because it consists of presenting the meditation through a beam of light that moves across a diluted screen. The flow of light is accompanied by calm and relaxing music that offers the user a contact with the meditative experience. During transitions in meditation are displayed
It introduces meditation to those who have not tried it before and helps those who want to practice meditation but sometimes find it too difficult to close their eyes and just sit quietly. More experienced meditators can use it as another form of walking meditation, where you use the experience of walking as your focus.
The application is operated with the movement of the device itself or with an on-screen joystick.




Forms of acquisition:

The developer is a freelance programmer Benny Steen (Belgium)

The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Ukrainian, Romanian and Russian.

Regarding the Operating System, it is available for iOS (6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) ;

Android (4.1 and later)


Technical assessment:

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Social valuation:

This application was tested with a group of people who used workshops at Espacio Pozas 14, Madrid Red Cross, and it was very new for all of them to learn about this type of application. The profile of the participants was: women between 65 and 80 years old with a basic level of technology management.

The users who were in the session were reminded of their functioning a lot calm, and they agreed that the light in movement took them to the bottom of the sea, to the expansion into the water and its movement. They comment that it makes you keep the atención and it really evades you, allowing you to go blank. Music is central to the application and they share that it is very appropriate.

Regarding the handling of the app, everyone understood how it worked easily and saw that it was very simple and intuitive to use. The font size is perfectly optimized.

They also value very well that they can be reminders in the app to use it every day and generate a habit.

They believe that it is not only useful for them, but also for anyone who may need to relax, for example people with some kind of disability. They also did not propose in the session that it could be incorporated into a medical, dental or similar waiting room to relax. They all agree that they would install it and in fact they propose that in the same session we can leave it installed on their mobiles.

The requirements that users must have are: Attention, dovododa attention, reading ability, understanding of written messages, visual acuity, visual monitoring, manual mobility, coordination, hearing capacity is not essential.


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