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November 2019


Mindfulness App is an international application framed in the positive psychology section that seeks the objective of improving the mental health and general well-being of the user, providing experiences of daily meditations to sleep better, relax, improve concentration and be more present in your daily life. It is designed for both beginners and more experienced people.

There is a series of basic free content and then there are others that are under subscription with more functionalities.
Sessions are scheduled and guided meditation or in silence, between 3 to 30 minutes. The meditations are customizable with guided introduction, bells and sounds of nature, with possibilities to choose the duration, according to preferences. Meditation Reminders and Periodic Mindfulness Notes can also be included to help you stay present throughout the day. They also include statistics to keep track of your meditation journey.
In the Premium version you can access up to 250 meditations, and guided courses. Topics are expanded from the free version and include types such as: stress relief, focus, sleep, emotions, children and teens, mindfulness at work, and relationships.


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Mindfulness app is available in several languages: Spanish, English, Swedish, Danish, French and Italian

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iOS 10.3 or later:

Android 4.1 and later:

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Social valuation:

The application has been tested on a group of women between 65 and 80 years old who are users of the computer workshops and apps at Espacio de Pozas 14, of the Madrid Red Cross.

In general, the application seems good to them and after following the meditations of the first days, they feel very good. In the case of people who have tried it, it causes them a little drowsiness, and they think that the habit is gradually catching up is a good option. The perception is that it focuses their attention on them, but in reality it calms them too much. They understand that with practice they may become concentrated without feeling sleepy. Some comment that they meditate referring to the use of the rosary, but that this tool seems complementary and positive to them.

Inevitably, as with the same women, the application of Meditation Game, they compare that it has more sections and that it takes a little longer to understand and learn. They seem like the classic guided meditations (they have done the mindfulness course offered by the Red Cross in its space in Pozas). The Meditation Game app “takes them”, the Mindfulness app “they listen”.

Some of the instructions are complex or abstract, such as: “Give yourself totally” and the first time they hear them they have a hard time adapting to them. It should be noted that in addition to the audio there are images that accompany the meditation.

They value that this application can have an impact on the lives of the people who use it, they believe that they can generate good habits when the practice is maintained for several days.



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