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  • Pantalla Ajustes en Android
  • Pantalla para añadir una nueva actividad en Android
  • Pantalla para añadir datos de salud en Android
  • Pantalla para añadir una medición médica en Android
  • Pantalla para añadir el control de síntomas en Android
  • pantalla que muestra la sección Equipo en Android
  • Pantalla que muestra la sección Hoy en Android
  • Pantalla que muestra la sección Informe en Android
  • Pantalla para introducir el medicamento en Andoid
  • Pantalla que muestra la sección Progreso en Android
  • Pantalla que muestra la sección Terapia en Android
  • Menú para añadir datos de salud en Ios
  • Pantalla para añadir datos de un medicamento en ios
  • Pantalla para añadir una medición médica en IOS
  • Pantalla que muestra la pestaña Equipo en IOS
  • pantalla que muestra la pestaña Hoy en IOS
  • Pantalla que muestra la opción para enviar un informe en IOS
  • Pantalla introducir medicamento en IOS
  • Pantalla que muestra la pestaña Otros en IOS
  • pantalla que muestra la pestaña Progreso en IOS
  • Pantalla que muestra la pestaña Terapia en IOS
  • pantalla para añadir los datos de un medicamento en Android
  • Pantalla para añadir el control de síntomas en IOS
  • Pantalla para añadir una nueva actividad en IOS

What is it about:

March 2020

MyTherapy is more than just a free reminder of pills and medication: Combining a pill record, mood control and daily health, this medication reminder app will allow you to achieve a successful treatment.

Main features

  • Reminder of pills, tablets, for any medication.
  • Pill control with registration diary for missed and confirmed doses.
  • Alarm of medications with different types of doses or dosage.
  • Monitoring tablets, doses, measures, activities. A health diary!
  • Measures such as weight, blood pressure, blood sugar level, etc., for all conditions (diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, depression, hypertension, multiple sclerosis).
  • Shared in family for your motivation and health.
  • Printable health journal to share with your doctor.

Medication Reminder

We design a medication reminder app that brings together all your medicine needs: pill alarm, drug base Complete medical data with or without a prescription, support for different types of doses (tablet, pill, inhaler), including reminder to refill your medication. Since the app is not just a pill alarm, but also a medication record, you just have to check your pill diary to make sure you have taken the correct dose.

Health journal

MyTherapy is the result of working closely with people who need medical treatment. People with Diabetes use weight control and blood glucose recording, as well as daily insulin and medication reminder for Metformin. The mood and mood diary helps you keep track of your mental health or depression. Check your health using the blood pressure record, your mood and mood diary. MyTherapy is a different application using it for depression, stroke, cancer or weight control.

Mood and mood control, weight and blood pressure

Register your medications, monitor your mood and general well-being in the application diary or record measurements such as blood pressure and weight. If you live with Diabetes and use insulin, MyTherapy will be your diabetes diary and you can control your blood glucose. MyTherapy supports more than 50 measurements. The registration of symptoms of the application is important for users suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis or cardiovascular diseases such as Atrial Fibrillation.

Motivation to take your medication

Receive one photo per day as motivation to carry out your treatment. Involve your family and friends with Team Function and manage your treatment accompanied. Your family will see if you have missed a dose despite the pill alarm and help you follow the treatment.


MyTherapy is free and requires no registration. We comply with strict German privacy laws and do not disclose personal data to third parties.

Forms of acquisition:

MyTherapy is free and has versions for both Android and IOS.

Download links:
Download for Android
Download for IOS



Technical verification:

September 2019

MyTherapy allows you to configure personalized alarms for each medication that the user takes, assigning the dose and time, with the frequency corresponding to each of them. In addition, it allows you to track the treatment in which it is indicated whether or not the medication has been taken at the set time, and allowing you to share this information with family members and your doctor.
The application, available for both Android and IOS, is structured in five large sections that will be analyzed in the following sections.


The application interface in general is well structured and simple. However, there are differences between Android and iOS version, with some elements that are not well labeled or that are not clear. Next, an analysis of the interface will be carried out, presenting the main differences between both versions.
The main difference is that in the IOS version the application is structured in five tabs, while in Android the application is divided into six sections which are accessed from a menu. the five tabs of IOS coincide with five of the six sections of Android, although one of them receives the name of Settings in Android and the other that of Others in IOS. In addition, the sixth section of Android receives the name of Report, which in IOS is a button located within the Progress tab and receives the name of PDF.
Another difference in the interface is found in the names of some elements. For example, in Android when a drug is introduced, there is a button to scan the barcode of the drug and it is called "Search manually". This button in IOS is called "Activate the barcode scanner".
Finally, when a medication is being set up, in IOS the alarm can be set as standard or as prolonged. In Android this is modified from the Android settings, and in the application it is possible to set if you want critical reminders, constant reminders and if the alarm sounds in the do not disturb mode.


Therapy section

Therapy section on Android        Therapy tab on IOS

This section shows a list of all the medications that the user has entered in the application. It is also possible from here to edit a medication by clicking on it. In addition, from here you can access a new menu called add by pressing the button of the same name and that allows you to enter data into the application.

Add menu

Add menu in Android        Add menu in IOS

This menu allows you to add a medication to the user's therapy, a measurement, an activity, keep track of symptoms, plan and record.

Add medication

Enter medication on Android        Enter medication on IOS

Add medication on Android        Add medication on IOS

If you click on the medication option, a new window opens where you can scan the medication barcode or manually enter the medication name, in which case a list will be displayed with all the medications that match and where the user can select yours. Once the medicine has been selected, a new window opens in which you can enter the end date of dose the medicine, the frequency of dose, setting the time or period of dose, setting the alarm conditions and available stocks. , as well as modify data related to the medicine such as your name or the company.

Add measurement

Add measurement on Android        Add measurement on IOS

From this option you can enter data related to medical controls, such as blood sugar level, heart rate or blood pressure of the user. For each control you can set the time, enter the measurement, the frequency and set the alarm, as well as indicate whether the routine is planned or not.

Add activity

Add activity on Android        Add activity on IOS

From this option it is possible to add the physical activities that the user performs, such as walking, running or cycling. For each activity you can set the time, enter the measurement, the frequency and set the alarm, as well as indicate whether the routine is planned or not.

Symptoms control

Symptoms control in Android        Symptoms control in IOS

From this option it is possible to keep track of the symptoms, being able to set the time, enter the measurement, the frequency and set the alarm, as well as indicate whether the routine is planned or not.


Progress Section

Progress section in Android        Progress tab in IOS

In this section the user can see a graph, when the Letters button is selected, with the days of the week and the doses of the medication that have been taken and those that have not been taken. The doses taken are shown with a green tick while the omitted ones are shown with a gray X. If the list button is pressed, a list of the medications that the user has in his therapy is displayed.
In addition, in the IOS version there is a button called PDF that allows the user to send a report with their health data in PDF format to their email. This functionality in Android is found in a main menu option called Report.

Team section

Team section on Android        Team tab on IOS

This section allows the user to send a code so that other users can see their treatment progress, enter the invitation code that other users send them so that the first one can see the progress of other users and add the doctor's data as their name or address so that he can access your health record.
Once another user's code has been entered or another user's information has been accepted, these are shown in this section.

Today section

Today section on Android        Today tab on IOS

This section shows the doses that are pending for the current day, as well as those that are pending to be accepted or omitted.
In the IOS version there is also a button that allows you to add a personal phrase to Siri, so that when said phrase is said, Siri will execute the corresponding shortcut, as can be seen in the user's medication list.

Report section (Android only)

Report section on Android        Report on IOS

This section, available only on Android since IOS is included in Progreso, allows you to send a PDF report with the user's health data in a given month via email.

Settings/Others section

Settings section on Android        Others tab on IOS

This section, called Settings on Android and Others on IOS, allows you to configure some aspects of the application, as well as access help and other information of interest, such as the application version, legal information, user information or privacy . It is also possible from here to send suggestions to developers or share the application with friends.

Tests performed

In order to evaluate the application, a series of tests have been carried out on it. These have consisted of the introduction of some medicines and to verify, from the point of view of different types of users, the operation and handling of the application. Next, the most relevant points of the analysis will be presented.
First of all, it should be noted that the introduction of the drug in user therapy is a simple procedure. The name of the medication can be entered manually or by scanning the barcode. Both methods work perfectly. The only thing that is somewhat uncomfortable, because of its slowness, is the dose adjustment, which is a selector. In the tests that have been carried out, the default value is 10mg, and to increase the dose you have to do it in 0.5mg increments, which can be somewhat slow.
A problem detected, which only affects people who use the screen reader in the IOS version of the application, is that it is not possible to change the time of dose a medicine stored when the daily frequency option is selected. This is because to edit this value, you have to touch on an element that includes the dose and time of dose, changing one or the other depending on whether you touch on one value or another. However, both values are part of the same element, and the VoiceOver screen reader always activates the first value for editing, corresponding to the dosage.
Regarding the alarm configuration, this has been somewhat more difficult. By default, the sound that comes as an alarm lasts a few seconds, which results in the fact that if you don't have your cell phone near or in your hand, the warning may not be heard. In addition, while a song can be put on Android as a warning tone, in iOS you can only put the few tones that the application brings, which, with the exception of one, are very short in duration. To this we must add that the alarm sounds for the duration of the tone, which is usually insufficient. Also, with respect to the alarm, it can be set to be standard or prolonged, although there seems to be no difference between one mode or another. Add that the configuration of the sounds of the alarm and the alarm itself is made a part in the application itself and another in the system settings, which can result in a more complicated procedure for certain people. Also note that the alarm sometimes sounds and sometimes does not, and sometimes the alarm rings a few minutes after the set time.
In the team topic it should be noted that it is a very interesting option, especially for groups such as older people or those with memory problems. What would be interesting is that more relevant information be shared, since data such as the medicine and the doses made are very important when taking more than one medicine. In tests that have been performed the only value that has been obtained is a percentage of the medication taken.
The rest of the functions of the application have not presented any erroneous behavior. The progress chart is a very convenient and quick way to quickly see how the user has followed the treatment. The tasks for today is a good way to see the medication doses for today, although in people whose treatment includes several medications and several doses a day it can be somewhat uncomfortable, being more useful to be able to group it by medications or by doses.


sometimes it does not, or that some minute is delayed.
It should also be noted that the application, although it is not intended for groups with special needs, can be used by them without any inconvenience. The only issue in this regard is that people who use VoiceOver cannot change the time of dose of the medication when they have daily frequency.
In summary, MyTherapy is a very interesting application for people who have to keep track of their medical treatment and control of medical signs. It is also a highly recommended application for older people living alone, since they can share the progress of their treatment with family members or with their doctor in order to verify that such treatment is followed.


  • Very complete record of medical treatment, measurements, activities and symptom control.
  • Well organized and structured.
  • Easy to use.
  • Version for Android and IOS.
  • Completely free.

Improvement points

  • The study of the improvement of the configuration and operation of the warnings and alarms could be suggested.
  • It would be interesting to include in future versions more relevant information to share with family and friends.
  • It could be suggested replacing selectors with text fields in future versions.
  • The possibility of grouping doses by hours or by medications in tasks could be studied.
  • It could be interesting to increase accessibility in the edition of the medicine.
  • Design and manufacturing: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
  • User Experience: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    This criterion is linked to the user's assessment of the product or application
  • Technical features: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution
  • Accessibility: 4 sobre 5(4/5)
    It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical capabilities

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