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What does it consist of:

May 2018


"NeuronUP" is a professional cognitive stimulation tool for neuropsychologists and neurorehabilitation professionals, with rehabilitation exercises for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain damage, Stroke or ADHD among others. The activities are planned to be able to carry out personalized attention adapted to cognitive capacity. It consists of numerous material and resources to design the sessions, as well as a patient manager to save the results in an orderly manner. The main areas of intervention offered to professionals are: Cognitive Functions, Activities of Daily Living and Social Skills.

Its operation is very simple, the professional plans the content and the periodicity of the sessions individually, so that each user can work the activities from their own home. Users connect to the platform and work on the proposed exercises. The professional can consult the data interactively, to analyze it and update the planning of the new sessions. 

Forms of Acquisition:

Through the manufacturer's website, it is possible to acquire NeuronUP. The pricing plan is reflected in this section of the web: 

The professional must choose between care for the elderly or children, and the type of monthly or annual plan. 


The contact of the company is:  




whatsapp+34 601 71 96 99

+34 941 287 238

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