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What does it consist of:

January 2020

orchestram is an application for professionals and families of people with autism, which allows you to collaborate in time management and communication with families. The Orchestram software provides the possibility and ease of working as a team with the family, since they will be in continuous direct contact with the professionals who carry out the accompaniment with their family member: director of the center, psychologist, tutor / a, Social Integrator and people of reference in the center or educational center, being able, in the adult population, to include other professional resources such as sheltered housing. The app allows you to digitally collect statistical data and information that can be used in research related to autism. 

The platform is developed by FESPAU with the support of ONCE Foundation and the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality

Orchestram is an application adapted from near, co-designed with Sonia Ricard, social integrator of TEA Foundation, financed by IRPF and Fundación ONCE. 






Forms of Acquisition:

The free application can be purchased on GooglePlay: 

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