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Oscar Senior

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What does it consist of:

August 2018


Oscar Senior ( is a family application that connects older people with their social and family environment. They can make video calls, share photos, and enjoy fun Internet apps. Oscar Senior has an accessible interface designed for the Senior profile: large buttons with clear information, the possibility of remote connection to offer users help, by their families or caregivers. 

One of the features that stand out the most is one-touch video calls, even with automatic answering and the possibility of sharing activity and health data, medication-taking reminders, among added family and friends.

Forms of Acquisition:

The application can be purchased at the Apple and Google Store: 


The prices are divided into individual or family: 

  • Individual (1 month)$ 4.99
  • Plus (1 month)$ 9.99
  • Family (1 month)$ 18.99
  • Family (1 year)$ 189.99
  • Individual (1 year)$ 49.99

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