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June 2020
Park4Dis helps people with reduced mobility (PRM) to move freely. Not only does it help to find the places where they have the right to park, but it also informs about the different specific regulations of each municipality.
Within the same region, different symbols or signs can be used to indicate a PRM parking, which causes confusion and can even lead to traffic violations. 
With the Park4Dis application you can access local PMR parking spaces, in addition to knowing local regulations, managing ZTL (Limited Traffic Zones) and having useful directions while driving. Thanks to the collaborations that have already been established with different municipalities, the authorities can be directly informed and allow statistical information to be collected on the use and demand of this type of parking.
Park4Dis currently works in collaboration with the municipalities of Sitges, Badalona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Castellfesfels, Mataró, Montgat, among others.

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Park4Dis is a free mobile application for disabled users, available on iOS and Android:


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