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What does it consist of:

May 2018


Phonotto is an application for Android mobile phones that provides the elderly or people with vision or comprehension difficulties, a more usable and intuitive interface.  

It allows the screen of the mobile terminal to be optimized according to the needs of the person. The buttons and the letter are adapted to facilitate calls and sending messages, the gallery of photos and videos is displayed in a simplified interface and the mobile screens can be customized to access the most used applications.

Among the configuration possibilities, there are speed dial buttons to make direct calls to the most important numbers, a management of photos and videos with an adapted interface. Allows all terminal functionalities to be more readable and accessible.

It is available in English, Français, العربية, Magyar, हिंदी, Italiano, Español, עברית, русский, Português, Türk, 中国


Forms of Acquisition:

The application can be purchased through Google Play:

Its cost is between 0,99 and 10,99 euros depending on the elements of the application.


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