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November 2019


PsychoVR is a software developed for virtual reality glasses (VR) and intended for the psychological treatment of phobias, stress or panic. The system is designed so that a psychologist or therapist can use this system within their consultations so that the user can face their fears in a safe and controlled context. Professionals will be able to select the scenarios according to the difficulty and the different stimuli they have to face. For example, if you work on the fear of speaking in public, you could work with content where the user is at a lectern to give a speech and the treatment will begin doing it without anyone present and then continue with 3 attendees, then 10, and so on. successively. 

Other contents of the virtual reality tool are prepared for training and prevention of occupational hazards. Through this immersive technology, they facilitate recreating the actions that would be carried out in real life in order to improve processes and raise awareness about them. 

A differential technical detail of PsicoVR is the use of the advantages of the sensor Leap Motion to interact directly with the environment and physically perform the actions that would be carried out. 

Forms of Acquisition:

To purchase the product, you must contact the manufacturers directly: being its proposal to offer solutions adapted to the measure of each need. 

Contact details: 617 667 337 |

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