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August 2019
psious provides solutions for the field of mental health and whose main product is PsiousToolsuite, a virtual reality platform designed to add value to exposure treatments.
The platform offers mental health professionals lively and hyper-realistic environments that they can use in their clinical practice. The various scenarios provided within the platform include more than 50 resources (virtual and augmented reality environments, 360º videos, etc.), used for the treatment of anxiety disorders, fears and phobias, as well as for the practice of Mindfulness (mindfulness) and relaxation techniques.
Psious is a proposal by TEA Editions, a historic company that publishes and prepares tests and psychological evaluation tests.


Forms of acquisition:

PSIOUS can be acquired through direct contact with the company: and contact telephone number +34 936764077 The plans they offer vary depending on the profile they are targeting, from Basic to Platinum. Among the different plans, there are advantages in Online Training, Presentation of Clinical Cases, Courses, Marketing Support or Prerecorded Sessions.

  The information with advantages and differences between one and the other plans can be seen here:  

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