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Lifevit PR-500 medication notice bracelet

Image of medication notice bracelet
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  • 4/5
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What does it consist of:

September 2018


The lifevit PR-500 bracelet is a novel product whose main function is medication-taking reminders. These reminders are shown in the form of light signals of different colors associated with the colors of a set of stickers that can be placed on the boxes of the different medicines or in the compartments of a pillbox.

The bracelet is connected to a mobile terminal, both Android and IOS, from where the different reminders can be configured and information collected on the confirmation of its capture by the user.


Forms of Acquisition:

The lifevit PR-500 bracelet can be purchased on amazon and through the manufacturer's own website:

Click to access the web

The price of the bracelet is € 96,99 including VAT and shipping costs.

The application can be downloaded for free in its Android version at the following link:

The application can be downloaded for free in its IOS version at the following link:

Technical verification:

We have tested the PR-500 medication reminder bracelet and we share our impressions below.

This bracelet has two basic functionalities, on the one hand, a variable color indicator light and on the other hand a button to confirm the taking of medication.

The bracelet has Bluetooth connectivity to send and receive information about medication shots to an application that can be used on both Android and IOS.

The bracelet has a battery with an approximate autonomy of between 4 and 5 days.

The product packaging includes a set of colored stickers that will be associated with the boxes of medicines whose intake you want to schedule.


The mode of use is simple, firstly, the bracelet is connected via Bluetooth protocol to the Lifevit application. To do this, once the phone's Bluetooth is activated, the search device button will be pressed, in parallel the main button of the bracelet will be pressed for 5 seconds until it vibrates, indicating that the device has been synchronized. The correctly configured device message will appear in the app.

Once there is connectivity, a new medication intake can be added in the application. To do this, the name, color of the label associated with the medicine will be included and the time and days on which the notification of taking medication should be activated will be recorded. Additionally, you can configure a contact email for the person you want to receive the information regarding the shots.


Once this data has been recorded on the bracelet, it can now work autonomously without having to be linked to the mobile phone and its application during its operation. In this way, the bracelet can be placed on the arm of the person who needs support to remember their medication. Putting on the bracelet is simple.

This implies that the fact that the user confirms the taking of a medicine does not trigger the immediate notification of its taking to the desired contact person. The notification will only be made when the bracelet is connected again via Bluetooth to the mobile phone that has the Lifevit application installed.

To identify the intake, a sticker of the desired color is placed on the box of the medicine to be programmed, in such a way that once a light of a certain color is turned on on the bracelet, the user should take a dose of the medicine associated with it. same color. Once the shot is made, the main button of the bracelet must be pressed so that it is reflected in the system. At this point, we note as a recommendation to the manufacturer to enable the possibility of programming several simultaneous drug intakes in some way, since up to now the intakes must be scheduled with a certain time difference between one and the other.

About the application

The application has a simple and attractive design and is implemented for Android and IOS.

Once the application is accessed, it allows the connection of different devices such as thermometers, scales or blood pressure monitors that the company distributes. In this case, it will be necessary to access the pill reminder section to be able to configure the bracelet. In this sense, we believe that it could be more appropriate to make an application dedicated to the medication bracelet.

Once started, there is a small step-by-step guide through pop-up menus that allows the configuration of the device.

As mentioned in the operation section, the introduction of new doses of medications is simple and once registered on the bracelet they work correctly. The important thing in this case is to make sure that there is Bluetooth connectivity and that the shots are well registered on the bracelet.

 Physical characteristics of the device

The bracelet is made of a plastic material similar to any current Smartband model.

The charging connector is not standard, and although it gives rise to confusion, as it has no polarity it can be connected in any of its 2 positions.  

Despite the fact that the product is presented as waterproof on the packaging, it should be noted that the manual indicates that the bracelet is not ready to be submerged and therefore the user should remove it before entering the shower.

The colored stickers are strong enough to stick to medicine boxes or pill boxes for a long time.

It is possible to check the battery level by continuously pressing the main button of the bracelet. Green or red. As we have commented during the tests carried out, the battery lasted around 4 days with moderate use.


In short, the bracelet offers an innovative and useful method for managing medication generally with older users. In our opinion, the entire communication part of the medication to be taken to the user works satisfactorily and is very useful. It would be convenient to improve the aspects that facilitate the communication of the doses to the family member or caregiver, as well as the management of the drugs to be taken remotely.


  • The method of operation is simple for the person taking the medication
  • The mobile app is simple and stylish
  • The product has no monthly payment fees once purchased.

Improvement points

  • It would be advisable to improve connectivity to communicate alerts on a permanent and more stable basis and allow remote management of the shots by the family member.
  • It would be advisable to optimize the method of communication of the shots to the family member or caregiver since the emails do not work in an optimized way.
  • It would be advisable to improve the tightness so that the bracelet can be worn in the shower, the beach or the pool


  • Design and manufacturing: 3 5 on.
    Refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product
  • User experience: 2 5 on.
    This criterion is linked to the user's assessment of the product or application
  • Technical benefits: 3 5 on.
    Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution
  • Accessibility: 3 5 on.
    It is the degree to which people can use or access a product, technological solution or service, regardless of their technical, cognitive or physical capabilities.

Social valuation:

Our volunteers Carlos and Xavier have tested the product and in the following lines we summarize their impressions.

The application allows the configuration of up to 10 reminders of 5 medications, which may be scarce for some users. If several medications need to be taken, they cannot be programmed together.

In case of not pressing the button to take the medication, the bracelet sends between 2 and 3 notification emails, this fact adds great value to the product, but implies that the bracelet must be permanently connected to the phone that contains the application.

Using a color code to remember medications makes it intuitive and easy to recognize.

It would be a good idea to include a watch to integrate everything in a single device.

Both volunteers agree that there is information such as name, date of birth, height and weight that are requested without knowing the purpose very well and perhaps it would not be necessary to provide so much information.

It is difficult to know if the device has correctly loaded the medication shots as there is no confirmation for this on the bracelet.

The manual serves to guide you in the basic use of the product, but may include some illustrations to facilitate the understanding and configuration of the device.

In general, it is a product that helps manage medication for people who have problems remembering and identifying times and medications.

  • Impact and utility: 3 5 on.
    Describe to what extent the functionalities of the product are useful and impact on the improvement of the user's life
  • Usability and accessibility: 3 5 on.
    Possibility of the device to be used, understood and used in equal conditions for any person
  • Design and ergonomics: 4 5 on.
    Assessment of how the design of the technological solution adapts to the person to achieve greater comfort and effectiveness when using it
  • Ease of Acquisition: 4 5 on.
    It refers to the possibilities of accessing and acquiring a technological solution by the user

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