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AdMouse adapted mouse

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What does it consist of:

February 2018

Admouse is a mouse designed to facilitate the use of the computer and other devices for people who have some limitation in their motor skills. By including ergonomically designed and arranged buttons, it is possible to implement the necessary commands in the device to have a control similar to any conventional mouse on the market.

Through its buttons the user can activate the functions of moving the cursor, click, double left click and right click of a conventional mouse and also incorporate functions of speed configuration and acoustic and light signals.

The product has a plug & play connection and is instantly recognized when connected to a computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

Admouse was designed with low-relief buttons to avoid unintentional keystrokes, has high-contrast color keys and is identified with intuitive images.

It is aimed at children and adults who suffer from involuntary movements, tremors or paralysis of the upper limbs.

In short, AdMouse aims to make it easier for the people for whom it is intended to improve the quality with which they handle their computers and mobile devices, allowing them to access the use of any application or information with greater precision and autonomy.


Weight and measurements

  • Length: 21cm
  • Width: 11,5 cm
  • High: 4 cm
  • Weight: 273 grams




New version with lever:



Forms of Acquisition:

The AdMouse mouse has been designed and manufactured in Argentina by the SCA industrial company, for its acquisition in Spain the RRP is € 257 with a delivery period of 1 to 3 weeks by contacting its official distributor in Spain:

Follow the following link to consult distributors in other countries Access distributors in other countries


Warranty and support

The company offers a 1 year warranty.

You can check the official website of the manufacturer at the following link Access the web version


Technical verification:

We have tested AdMouse in the laboratory and in the following lines we summarize our impressions.

The product is received in a cardboard box that includes the mouse and a simple instruction manual.

The finish of the product is robust and has non-slip feet for placement on a support surface.


PC operation

At first glance, what stands out the most from the beginning is its ease of installation, it is a device plug & play full-fledged, so once connected via USB to the computer it starts working instantly without the need to install any additional software or hardware components.

We have tested this feature with Windows 10 and earlier versions and we can guarantee that it works without any errors in all its functionalities during the tests.

The following image that is part of the user manual summarizes the basic functionalities for use with PC.


All keys are screen-printed with easy-to-understand pictograms to identify and remember functionalities, and there is a division of key colors by functionalities that is useful for people with some cognitive impairment.


Cursor speed selection

The mouse moves smoothly across the screen at the speed selected by the speed selection key.


By pressing this key repeatedly you can increase or decrease the speed, the blue light shows an estimate of the speed of the selected cursor by means of the flashing speed.


Acoustic warnings

The call key generates a periodic beep that can be very useful for dependent people who need assistance at specific times while using their device.

Initially the keys with specific functionalities (all those that are not for movement) generate a beep when pressed, this could be useful for people with vision difficulties, or in the case of people with sensitivity difficulties who want to be sure of the pulsations have occurred.

In our case we decided to deactivate the beep of these keys.

Deactivating the beep of the special functionalities keys is done by pressing the speed selection key for 5 seconds.




Simple click functionality

The single click functionality is identical to that of any other mouse on its left button click, in this case adding the advantage of having a clearly identified low relief button.


Right click functionality

This functionality produces the same cursor output as right-clicking on a conventional button.


Pointer movement functionality

The pointer movement that is usually produced by physically moving the mouse from one side to the other, in Admouse is implemented by 4 keys with the basic directions that can be pressed continuously or discreetly to scroll the screen.

It is important to adjust the speed through the procedure detailed above to suit each user.

After a short period of use, the method of movement is comfortable and intuitive.


Double click functionality

The double-click functionality implemented by means of the green double-circle key is very useful for people who have difficulties to double-click in a very short period of time.


Long click or drag element functionality

The prolonged click functionality implemented by means of the green key with a double concentric circle, allows those people who have difficulty to perform more than one action simultaneously to manage elements on the screen, since in this way it frees them from the tedious action of having the button pressed. left mouse button for a long time and in turn move the cursor to the destination where you want to drag the element.


Android operation on Tablet and Smartphone


Operation with Android for Smartphone and Tablet is just as intuitive. Once connected via a micro USB OTG adapter (not included), an on-screen cursor is displayed.

By using the directional buttons in the form of arrows in AdMouse, we are able to easily move around the screen, being able to simulate the pressing of special keys on Android, such as going back, which in this case corresponds to the square key on a green background by AdMouse.

In the same way, the double circle key makes the screen switching functionality in Android.

The following image presents the summary of the functionalities of each key for the use of the Android application system on Smartphone and Tablet.





In summary, AdMouse is a robust, reliable and simple solution as an alternative to the conventional mouse for people who have handling difficulties.

The buttons correctly implement the usual scripts in human-machine interaction, replacing those implemented using a conventional mouse or touch.

The user can make use of the device with the manual provided without great complications.

As future improvements we recommend a version with Trackball, the inclusion of adapters for Smartphone and Tablet and a price adjustment as far as possible.

  • Design and manufacturing: 4 5 on.
    This section refers to the physical aspects and details of the manufacturing of the technological product.
  • User experience: 4 5 on.
    This criterion is linked to the user's assessment when relating to the technical product or application.
  • Technical benefits: 4 5 on.
    Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution.
  • Accessibility: 5 5 on.
    Description of the quality of the technical specifications of the technological solution.

Social valuation:

Ruben, our volunteer specialized in product testing for people with handling and mobility difficulties, has tested the AdMouse and his assessment is as follows:

I am a regular user of a trackball mouse. I have no mobility in my fingers and it allows me to easily position myself on the screen with the ball and configure the function of the device buttons by software.

I have tried the AdMouse mouse as an alternative to my regular mouse during my daily activity.


                                          Photo ruben using admouse


Both the brochure attached to the device and the web accessible from the QR code provide sufficient information for the use of the device.

The functionalities of each button are easy to identify and remember after several days.

By placing the device on the table I have had the feeling of security, it remains firm and does not slip on the table.

I have connected the device on a PC with Windows 10, on an Imac with macOS Sierra and it was already operational and on an Android mobile with a USB OTG adapter that is not included in the product, I could not do it on the Ipad because it had no adapter specific. In general the process is very simple.


                                          photo ruben using android with admouse


The device has an attractive design and is very ergonomic in use, the colors and identification of the buttons is accurate. The buttons sunk into the housing have allowed me to operate them without having mobility in the fingers.

I have easily been able to adjust the speed of the pointer movement and cut off the sound when pressing the keys.

The sound or light signal when pressing the keys I have found very useful to inform me if I have pressed correctly. In addition to not being able to move my fingers, I have sensitivity problems and it has helped me a lot, however, I have deactivated the acoustic warnings by pressing the speed selection key for 5 seconds in a simple way to check its use without the acoustic signal.

The mouse is considered accessible to people with handling difficulties up to certain degrees of difficulty.

As a recommendation I would add a TrackBall type ball as an alternative to the direction buttons.

In summary, I have found a device that is firmer on the table than my trackball and with buttons that do not fail in their functions depending on the application I am using. In general very happy.



  • Impact and utility: 5 5 on.
    It describes to what extent the functionalities of the product are useful and impact on improving the life of the user.
  • Usability and accessibility: 4 5 on.
    Possibility of the device to be used, understood and taken advantage of under equal conditions for anyone.
  • Design and ergonomics: 5 5 on.
    Assessment of how the design of the technological solution adapts to the person to achieve greater comfort and efficiency when using it.
  • Ease of Acquisition: 3 5 on.
    It refers to the possibilities of accessing and acquiring a technological solution by the user.

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